If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Most Basic Lover

There is a clarity and directness about your sexuality that is unique and, at your best moments, utterly charming. You always know exactly what you want from sex and you will waste no time or ceremony in getting it. Occasionally your straightforward approach makes you seem brusque and calculating. But you can also be a very warm and gentle Lover, capable of the most amazing acts of kindness and service.

The main problem in your sexual make-up is your lack of ambition. You like convenience in your sexual diet and too often this causes you to pass up quality in loving for the sake of accessibility. It’s not that you lack the energy. Your physical drives are quite impressive. You just need to find the sense of purpose and the imagination necessary to push past a prepackaged, microwave sex life and move on to the gourmet fare you deserve.



The most outstanding example of The Most Basic Lover is Mae West (born Aug. 17, 1893.) West got her start in vaudeville doing bawdy songs and suggestive dances. She quickly progressed to hit Broadway plays featuring more of the same. By the time West broke into movies at the age of 39 she was already infamous and the Hollywood censors were waiting with scissors in hand to edit out her sexual references but they could do little to contain the star’s obvious sex appeal or her gift for naughty asides. In her personal life West avoided serious relationships, preferring to dally with various “bodyguards” and “managers” who were generally chosen for their physical prowess.

Other celebrity examples of this type include actress Melanie Griffth (born Aug.9, 1959 adb,)  actress (Across the Universe) Evan Rachel Wood (born Sept. 7, 1887 wik,) model and actress (Gossip Girls) Blake Lively (born Aug. 25, 1987 wik,) and legendary country singer Hank Williams (born Sept. 17, 1923 adb). A less happy example is Kevin Spacey (born July 27, 1959 adb). Spacey's acting career was destroyed after a string of sexual abuse complains from young men became public.


Another example is the noted French writer Guy de Maupassant (born Aug. 5, 1850 adb.) Known today for his masterful short stories, Maupassant was also famous in his own time for his libertine attitude, his sexual prowess and his cynical views on marriage and wives in general. He was diagnosed with syphilis at the age of 28 and died a madman at 41. Former basketball star Magic Johnson (born Aug. 14, 1959) was luckier. After years of having indiscriminant sex with various partners he contracted HIV but has been able to control the disease through a regime of drugs.

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