If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Polite Powerhouse of Passion

You are the Mars in Scorpio Lover least likely to acknowledge the dark side of your sexual nature. Since you are generally affable and kind, a gentle Lover with a sweet approach and a courtly manner, you refuse to believe that anyone could be hurt in your pursuit of pleasure but, the fact is, that they can and often are. It’s not that you ever intend to do damage. It’s just that your emotional needs are so intense and your sexuality so overwhelming that you often end up taking from your partners much more than they every thought about giving.

On the positive side, you are also the Mars in Scorpio Lover who is easiest to love. You spend less time brooding over the seriousness of sex and more time celebrating the joys of love than most Lovers of this type and you are more inclined to see a relationship as a partnership rather than a power struggle. Still, you are not immune to the dark fascination with sex and the obsessive tendencies typical of this group. Your obsessions have a way of slipping up on you or of creating mischief in the background, behind your pleasant smile and lovable manner.



Our most outstanding example of The Polite Powerhouse of Passion is the actress turned princess, Grace Kelly (born Nov. 12, 1929 wik.) As a model and actress Kelly was known for her elegant good-looks and her cool, blond professionalism. Behind the scenes, however, the story was quite different. Kelly became sexually active in her teens and remained extraordinarily so for the next ten years, going through a wide variety of men and having a very good time. Then, at 26, she decided in was time to get married. Her choice, Prince Rainier of Monaco, was remarkable from a publicist’s point of view but it represented a sudden shift both in Kelly’s career (she had to give up acting) and in her free-and-easy lifestyle. Kelly gladly accepted these changes and became the storybook princess of a generation.

Another notable example is the actor Charlie Sheen (born Sept. 3, 1965 adb.) Sheen drew as much attention early in his career for his problems with drugs, alcohol and prostitutes as he did for the hit movies he made. He seemed to have settled down after his marriage to Denise Richards but then, quite suddenly, that relationship exploded into a messy divorce. Despite these and other troubles, Sheen found remarkable success playing a lovable playboy and drunk on television until his real life excesses cost him his job.

Other examples of this type are U.S. President Warren G. Harding (born Nov. 2, 1865 adb,) who was years ahead of Bill Clinton in having trysts with his girlfriend in the White House,· painter Pierre Bonnard (born Oct. 3, 1867 adb,) singer k. d. lang (born Nov. 2, 1961 adb) and Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels (born Oct. 29, 1897 adb,) who used his power over the German film industry to "persuade" beautiful movie stars to have sex with him, despite the many complaints of his beautiful wife and the stern disapproval of his boss, Adolf Hitler.

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