If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Basically Bountiful Lover

You are an impulsive and extremely energetic Lover whose approach to sex is so straightforward and optimistic that you often find yourself misunderstood. People take you for an irrepressible bundle of pure animal passion and proceed to hide the breakables when you get in the mood for love. But in reality you are one of the most idealistic Mars in Virgo Lovers. You believe sex has a higher, more spiritual purpose. It’s just that these higher regions of loving can only be reached after a very thorough exploration of the more earthly levels.

Your sexual idealism can be either a great strength or a great weakness, depending on how you use it. On the positive side, it can help you see beyond the immediacy of your physical drives and allows you to apply your energy toward establishing an enduring and satisfying relationship. But on the negative side, this same idealism can cause you to segregate sex from love and force you into the disastrous assumption that the person who satisfies your physical needs cannot be the same one who will answer your need for love.



Our primary example of this type is the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin (Nov. 12, 1840 adb.) For more than half his life Rodin struggled to have his singular approach to sculpture recognized. During these years of hard work and poverty he was helped by a working class woman named Rose Beuret who began as his model and quickly became his mistress. Rose took care of Rodin’s domestic needs and lugged the ornamental sculptures he created to pay the bills around Paris to perspective patrons but Rodin never thought of marrying her. When he finally became famous Rodin began having affairs with younger, more upscale women. Several times during his remaining years one or another of these girlfriends threatened to take Rodin away from Rose but each time the artist returned to his long-suffering mistress. Finally, when both were near death, Rodin married Rose.

Other examples of The Basically Bountiful Lover are actor, director and producer Michael Landon (born Oct. 31, 1936 adb,) British actress Dame Judi Dench (born Dec. 9, 1934 wik) and the daredevil known for his motorcycle stunts, Evel Knievel (born Oct. 17, 1938 adb.) Writer Joan Didion (born Dec. 5, 1934 adb) is also has the combination of Mars and Venus. In A Year of Magical Thinking she gives an account of her life after the sudden death of her writing partner and husband of 40 years that matter-of-factly and beautifully describes the rending a singular spiritual union.

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