If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Royal Powerhouse of Passion

You are the Mars in Scorpio Lover most likely to talk about your love life, so you’re always torn between bragging from the rooftops about your tremendous sexual allure and polite discretion. On the one hand, you are a secretive person who is very serious about sex. On the other, you hate that your best moments on the planet all occur behind closed doors. So you hide your secrets behind a theatrical display of shyness and hope everyone still gets the message.

Control is a crucial issue in your sexuality. You are less likely than most Lovers of this type to be intimidated by the power of your sexual passion and you are not afraid to take the lead in relationships. Many will find your uncompromising approach to love heavy-handed and egocentric. You must learn to rely more on your warm and effervescent charm and less on your undeniable sexual allure to maintain your positon as the boss.



Ours examples of The Royal Powerhouse of Passion include two famous Phils: Dr. Phil McGraw (born Sept. 1, 1950 wik,) the tough talking TV therapist and comedian Phil Hartman (born Sept. 24, 1948 adb.) McGraw’s first marriage failed because of his bossiness and his inability to share his emotional life with his wife. Despite rumors to the contrary, his second marriage seems to have faired much better, though Dr. Phil gives most of the credit for this to his spouse, Robin.· Hartman, famous for his years in the Saturday Night Live crew, was noted for his affable personality but to his beautiful and fatally insecure wife, Brynn, he was often emotionally distant and intimidating. In 1998 these differences came to a head when Brynn, who had a history of drug and alcohol problems, shot Hartman as he slept. She later committed suicide.

A female example of this type is the popular novelist Jacqueline Susann (born Aug. 20, 1918 adb.) Susann was a minor actress with a major appetite for sex. She had many affairs but the relationship that sustained her was her marriage to Irving Mansfield, who was also her agent. After a devastating bout with breast cancer ended both her acting and bed-hopping career, Susann and Mansfield applied their energies to making her a best selling author.·

·Also in this group we have musician and conductor Leonard Bernstein (born Aug. 25, 1918 adb,) actor Jeremy Irons (born Sept. 19, 1948 adb,) comic actor John Ritter (born Sept. 17, 1948 adb) and singer LeAnn Rimes (born Aug. 28, 1982 adb.)



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