If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Basically Sociable Lover

You are the Mars in Virgo Lover most likely to be embarrassed by sex. There is a delicate, romantic side to your erotic nature that causes you to resist the insistent call of your earthy sensuality. You rarely succeed at this for very long but you do manage to make your straight-forward sex drive seem prettier and maybe a little more civilized. At your best, you are the Lover of this type most willing to wait for love. At your worst, you are simply a sneak who uses the promise of pure love to get a maximum amount of grimy sex.

You differ from most Mars in Virgo Lovers because you are just as interested in courtship as you are in the sex act itself. You enjoy the romantic trappings and the flirtatious jousts that go along with sexual arousal and you like watching the way people react in sexual situations. You can become very adept at playing these games but you must be careful. This skill can, at times, make you appear cold, manipulative. You must always be mindful that these games serve no purpose unless you can’t use them to find a warm, committed and loving relationship.



Examples of The Basically Sociable Lover include television star Calista Flockhart (born Nov. 11, 1964 adb,) noted for her long relationship with the much older Harrison Ford, actor Will Smith (born Sept. 25, 1968 wik,) actress Hayden Panettierre (born Aug. 21, 1989 imdb,) bad wizard (Harry Potter) Tom Felton (born Sept. 22, 1987 imdb,) British comic genius Peter Sellers (born Sept. 8, 1925 adb,) actor and gun enthusiast Charlton Heston (born Oct. 4, 1923 adb) and the unlucky King Louis XVI of France (Aug. 23, 1754 adb.)

Also in this category we have writer and critic Dorothy Parker (born Aug. 22, 1893 adb.) Recognized as the most quotable wits of her day, Parker made no apologies for her considerable sexual appetite or for her unfortunate tendency to fall in love with tall, good-looking men with WASPish pedigrees. Few of these actors, former athletes and society dandies reciprocated her affection and the ones who did frequently found themselves being ripped apart by Parker’s acerbic banter. Concerning her active love life Parker once wrote, “I love them until they love me.”

A more positive example is the painter Georgia O”Keeffe (born Nov. 15, 1887 adb.) O’Keefe was the protégé, mistress and eventually the wife of Alfred Stieglitz, noted photographer and advocate of American painting, but she remained a very independent woman. At forty she separated from Stieglitz and moved to New Mexico where she produced her greatest paintings. She remained flirtatious and sexually active into her old age, taking in young protégés of her own.

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