If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Inquiring Powerhouse of Passion

You are the most adventurous of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers and the one least likely to be in awe of your own sexuality. On the one hand, this makes you an alert and energetic Lover who knows how to make the most of his or her sexual allure. On the other this attitude leaves you unprepared when a relationship that you started just for fun suddenly morphs into a midnight obsession filled with emotional tangles and deep psycho-sexual implication. In situations such as this you may find yourself just as surprised at the power and dark weight of your sexuality as your partner is sure to be.

You are one of the few Mars in Scorpio Lovers who has trouble keeping a secret. In fact, the bluntness and lack of guilt with which you express your sexual needs might just pass for bragging. Some people may find this lack of reserve offensive but these people don’t interest you. The people who do are the ones you share your sense of adventure and your bold acceptance of even the darkest secrets of the human mind. With these people you show yourself to be a Lover of marvelous intensity and courage.



Celebrity examples of The Inquiring Powerhouse of Passion include Bela Lugosi (born Oct. 20, 1882 adb,) the Hungarian actor who made the character of Dracula his own. Lugosi’s sex appeal was evident even before he donned the famous tuxedo and cape and he was married five times, though only one of these unions lasted more that a couple of years. As a husband, Lugosi was demanding, jealous and controlling but he never lost his old world gallantry.·

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix (born Nov. 27, 1942 adb,) didn’t need a tuxedo in order to become known as a leading sex symbol of the 1960s. His electrifying performances and voracious sexual appetite were sufficient. Unlike Lugosi, Hendrix had no taste for marriage and he died a bachelor.· Other members of this group include television star turned health guru Suzanne Somers (born Oct. 16, 1946 adb,) feminist writer Germaine Greer (born Jan. 29, 1939 adb,) actor Jude Law (born Dec. 29, 1972 wik,) actor Ryan Reynolds (born Oct. 23, 1976 wik) and rocker Kid Rock (born Jan. 17, 1971 wik.)

Perhaps the most melodramatic example of this type is the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (born Nov. 4, 1946 adb.) Mapplethorpe spent much of his youth denying his homosexuality. He used his long friendship with androgynous Patti Smith as a cover. When they parted and he committed himself to a gay lifestyle Mapplethorpe chose the most extreme lifestyle he could imagine, becoming a devotee of leather bondage and sadomasochism and picking up random, most African-American, partners off the street. Meanwhile, under the sponsorship of a rich lover, Mapplethorpe career as a photographer prospered. Shortly before his death of A.I.D.S., a retrospective exhibit of Mapplethorpe’s photography toured the country. Along with the photos of flowers and classic nudes that had made him famous, the photographer insisted on including pictures depicting him and his friends involved in various sadomasochistic rituals. The exhibit created a furor in conservative quarters and left Mapplethorpe with a reputation as a sexual oddity that sometimes overshadows his artistic achievements.

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