If you have Mars In Taurus with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Naked Sensualist

You may be the most basic and earthy of the Mars in Taurus Lovers. You see sex as a simple bodily function for which all the pretty lies of romance can offer no redemption. Some might find your approach hard and animalistic but, in fact, you are a very kind and civilized Lover. Your purely material approach to love means you measure affection in terms of real acts of generosity and service. You prove your love by what you do for your Beloved every day.

Unfortunately, no matter how nice you try to be, you have a weakness for expediency in your sexual make-up that often gets you into trouble. It’s just very difficult for you to pass up any chance for a good time—and the quicker and more convenient the better. You are not always proud of this susceptibility to physical pleasure. Sometimes it takes you places you’d really rather not admit you’ve been. But you’ll never get away with denying it. The fact is, the more you try to separate yourself from your lust, the more likely it is to own you.



Our primary example in this category is the French novelist (author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo) Alexander Dumas Sr. (born July 24, 1802 adb.) Famous in his own time for his sexual profligacy, Dumas once bragged that he were forced to limit himself to just one woman she would be dead inside of eight days. A more recent example of The Naked Sensualist is the venerable rocker Mick Jagger (born July 26, 1943 adb,) who has also become legendary for his many sexual contacts. Jagger has been involved in several long term relationships during his life and has shown some inclination to settle down but, like Dumas, seems unwilling to limit himself to just one woman.

A very different example is the Impressionist painter Edgar Degas (born July 19, 1834 adb.) Degas was a life-long bachelor and seems to have avoided intimate relationships with women. His paintings and pastels of female nudes, however, reveal a strange, voyeuristic streak that was remarked upon even during his own time.

Other celebrity examples of this type include baseball star Alex Rodriguez (born July, 27, 1975 adb,) who apparently struck out as a husband and was once briefly matched with fellow Mars in Taurus Lover, Madonna , actor Robert DeNiro (born Aug. 17, 1943 adb,) the actress and comedienne Lucille Ball (born Aug. 6, 1911 adb) and actress Charlize Theron (born Aug. 7, 1975 wik.)

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