If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Complete Sensualist

You are all the best and all the worst of Mars in Taurus. That is to say, you are a Lover totally focused on the sensual experience AND you are a Lover totally focused on the sensual experience! When it comes to pure eroticism and raw sexual energy you are the tops, but the narrowness of your focus can make you act like a perpetual adolescent—drunk with the power of your own sexuality and unable to see sex as anything other than a means to physical pleasure.

At your worse you can be a very selfish, bossy partner who treats sex like a commodity and has to control every relationship. However, at your best you can be a very caring and practical Lover, every bit as kind as you are sensual. You look after the person you love, solving problems, fixing things and generally making your affection evident in very real, tangible ways. The only thing you demand in return is the assurance that your partner’s love and sex will always be available to you.



Among our examples of The Complete Sensualist we have people several people who definitely had trouble controlling her sensual appetites. The legendary silent screen comedian, Charlie Chaplin (born April 16, 1889 adb) became notorious for his taste for very young women though, in actuality, his prodigious sexual appetite drew him to women of all types. As scandalous as his sex life was, it was Chaplin’s distaste for condoms that caused most of his trouble with women . Bertrand Russell (born May 18, 1872 adb) was a ground-breaking mathematician, a tireless social activist and, after a late start in his mid-30s, an irrepressible collector of wives and lovers . French realist painter, Gustave Courbet (born June 10, 1819 adb) was a confirmed bachelor noted for the skill and delight with which he painted female flesh (and fleshy females.) Some of his paintings of women were so “realistic” that they were purchased on the sly by wary male collectors and shown only when the ladies were out of the room .

Our feminine examples include singer Carly Simon (born June 25, 1945,) actress Liv Tyler (born July 1, 1977 wik,) under-aged porn star turned legitimate actress, Traci Lords (born May 7, 1968 adb) and actress Jessica Alba (born April 28, 1981 wik.)

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