If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Sensualist of the Soul

You are a plodding, conservative Lover dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure but fully aware of just how much trouble that pursuit can bring. Sex can become a scary proposition in your eyes and that is why you keep everything concerning your sex life under strict control. You recognize, more than any Mars in Taurus Lover, that sex does not end with sensation, that it is something almost sacred—a test of the soul. And even though you are extremely susceptible to the allure of the body’s desires, you do not take such tests lightly.

It is not always easy for you the balance your doubly conservative sexual nature with the deep down sensuality of Mars in Taurus. Not only are you tempted by the weakness of the flesh but you are also keenly aware of the more psychological pleasures that come from mixing sex and power. The pressures of these temptations make it extremely important for you to choose the right partner. It is only with right person, someone you trust and who fully trusts you that you can be the fantastically sexy Lover you were meant to be.



Because this is one of the rare combinations we only have a few famous examples. Paul Klee (born Dec. 18, 1879 adb) was a Swiss-born artist and teacher at the modernist Bauhaus. During his prolonged courtship of the woman who would eventually become his wife, Klee kept a diary detailing his struggles with his rampant sexuality. At first Klee tried to solve his problem by sleeping with his models but these affairs only made him more aware of the dark, power-hungry side of his sexual nature so he decided to endure the rigors of celebacy, at least until he was 26 and was able to marry the woman he loved.·

Another artistic example of this type is the painter and sculptor Louise Bourgeois (born Dec. 11, 1911 adb.) Bourgeois' organic imagery was personal, psychologically complex and loaded with Freudian symbolism.

Other examples are Welsh actor  Ioan Gruffold (born Oct. 6, 1973 wik,) actress Lee Grant (born Oct. 31, 1926 adb,) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (born May 14,1984 wik.)

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