If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Lyrical Liberator

You are the least intellectual of the Mars in Aquarius Lover. You get emotionally involved with your ideals and you fall in love with abstractions. This ability to link ideas with feelings allows you to surround the person you love with an amazing edifice of beauty and refinement in accordance with your idealized and highly romantic preconception about love. It can be a beautiful thing but it rarely lasts. People have a bad habit of stepping out of the sugar-coated world you’ve created in your mind and behaving like human beings, leaving you confused and disappointed.

You are one of the most emotionally vulnerable of the Mars in Aquarius Lovers and, for this reason, you are often more cautious and conservative in your romantic choices than is typical with this type. You have to protect your tender feelings. If you decide to defy convention it will be because of overwhelming emotional necessity and not just because you want to see how other people will react. But, given the combination of your sensuous and extremely affectionate nature and your uncompromising commitment to your romantic ideals, if and when you do choose to get radical about sex your actions will invariably draw a lot of attention.



The most outstanding example of this type is Hugh Hefner (born April 9, 1926 adb.) As the publisher of Playboy magazine, Hefner became the high priest of hedonism for, not just one, but several generations. In the 1990s Hefner seemed to be slowing down and he acquired a new wife and a family but he quickly tired of these mundane pleasures, left his wife and returned to living a life devoted to celebrating his particular ideal of feminine beauty.

Aviator Charles Lindbergh (born Feb. 4, 1902 adb,) took his search for the ideal woman in a different direction. A believer in eugenics, he married fellow pilot and author Ann Morrow partly because of her white, Anglo-Saxon purity. Their marriage survived this inauspicious beginning, as well as the murder of the couple’s infant son and other problems and endured until Lindbergh’s death.·


Other examples of The Lyrical Liberator include novelist Chuck Palahniuk (born Feb. 21, 1962 wik,) noted for his literary depictions of shocking behavior, sexual and otherwise, rock-and-roller Jon Bon Jovi (born March 2, 1962 adb,) juvenile sensation Justin Bieber (born March 1, 1994 wik,) poet Maya Angelou (born Apr. 4, 1928 adb,) actress (Harry Potter) Emma Watson (born Apr. 15, 1990 imdb) and painter Alice Neel (born Jan. 28, 1900 wik.) After working for many years in obscurity, buffeted by one emotional storm after another, Neel became famous near the end of her life for her unconventional portrait work. The plumb, grandmotherly Neel she particularly enjoyed convincing her well-heeled clients to undress so she could paint them in the nude.

If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Unlimited Liberator

You are the coolest of the cool—a detached and thoroughly rational Lover for whom sex means little beyond a momentary thrill and, occasionally, an opportunity to make more conventional people uncomfortable. The attitude you take toward sexual pleasure might seem very free and uncomplicated but, even though you lack the animal lust that plagues some people and the emotional vulnerability that limits other, your sexual nature is subject to its own kind of problems. How you think about a person, or a relationship, or sex in general will greatly impact your ability to relate to that person sexually. For you, it only takes one errant thought to spoil a whole evening.

Given your intellectual approach to sex and your love of freedom, fidelity can become a very touchy issue. You must have your independence and if holding on to a relationship means compromising your free spirit, you response is generally going to be, “See ya.” In fact, you’ll often opt for your freedom even when that choice means no sex at all. Still, relationships are important to you and, no matter how many times you are disappointed, you will never stop looking for that honest and complete intellectual partnership that is your ideal.



Our examples of this type start with three women noted for their defiance of convention with regard to sex. The first is actress Sharon Stone (born March 18, 1958 adb.) After flashing the world as the amoral villain in the movie, Basic Instinct, Stone withdrew from the fame game to marry, raise a child and to occasionally raise eyebrows with her bizarre public remarks.·

Meanwhile, Heidi Fleiss (born Dec 30, 1965 adb) rose to fame, and infamy, because of her lucrative prostitution business which catered the elite of Hollywood. She later created a furor when she proposed opening a house of all-male prostitution in Nevada.·

An example less well-known today is the British heiress and trend-setter of the 1920s, Nancy Cunard (born March 10, 1896 wik.) Cunard didn’t advocate free love. She lived it. Her lovers were legion and at least two of them wrote novels based on her escapades, depicting her as the ultimate “femme fatal.” Her most sustained relationship was with a black American jazz musician named Henry Crowder. This love affair culminated in the publication of a book on African-American history and culture. Cunard’s activism in the cause of equal rights earned her death threats for the Ku Klux Klan but she was oblivious to these dangers. Crowder, on the other hand, was not and he eventually cut off the relationship.

Other examples of The Unlimited Liberator include actor Patrick Dempsey (born Jan. 13, 1966 wik,) heavy metal wild man Axl Rose (born Feb. 6, 1962 wik) singer and cancer survivor Sheryl Crowe (born Feb. 11, 1962 wik) and conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh (born Jan. 12, 1951 adb.)

If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Liberator on the Loose

You are probably the least physical and most idealistic of all the Mars in Aquarius Lovers. Most of the time, you try to keep the bodily realities of sex at a safe distance and approach it in an abstract, intellectual fashion. This doesn’t mean you are not capable of the occasional lighting raid into the erotic jungle. Actually, you can be a very adventurous and daring Lover, eager for the thrill of the chase, just as long as the chase doesn’t lead to anything that might restrict your independence.

Commitment is never an easy choice for you. This is not to say that you have no desire to settle down. The ideal of a singular, transcendent love is quite appealing to you.  However, your own sexual passions are so quickly spent and so easily diverted both by new loves and new ideas, that getting you to focus on one relationship can be very difficult. You need a partner who can love you for your independence, someone who sees how refreshing and thrilling a Lover you are and understands that you are well worth the effort it takes to hold your attention.



Our examples of The Liberator on the Loose begin with legendary actor Cary Grant (born Jan. 18, 1904 adb,) who liked the idea of marriage so much that he did it five times. Of course, many felt that his most important relationship was with Randolph Scott, the handsome leading man with whom he shared a home for many years.·

And then we have Jane Fonda (born Dec. 21, 1937 adb) whose marriages seem to follow the development of her career. When she was becoming a major movie star and sex symbol she was married to the French film director Roger Vadim. When she became involved in politics and anti-war protests she was married to political activist Tom Hayden. After she became a fitness guru and entrepreneur she married the fabulously wealthy media mogul Ted Turner. Still moving up, she divorced Turner when she found Jesus.

Another examples with this combination are poet Rainer Maria Rilke (born Dec. 3, 1875 adb,) who wrote sensual verse and had several passionate affairs, the most outstanding of which was with Lou Andreas-Salome who was 14 years his senior. Despite all this romantic activity Rilke admitted that his sexual relationships cost him great effort and that he found little pleasure in them.·

·We find a simular ambivalence about sex in our next example, reformed porn actress Linda Lovelace (born Jan. 10, 1949 adb,) who became famous as the star of porno hit Deep Throat but later claimed that she was coerced into performing in the movie. Lovelace spent the rest of her life trying to live down her involvement with the project.· Also in this group we have writer Kurt Vonnegut (born Nov. 11, 1922. adb)

If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Down-to-Earth Liberator


You are the most earthbound of the Mars in Aquarius Lovers. You long for flights of idealized affection and relationships based solely on deep, intellectual partnership but the physicality of your sexual nature and your old-fashioned horniness continually gets in the way. At times this will cause you to appear confused and uncertain in sexual situations — a Lover lost between the desire for sensual gratification and a need for love that serves a purpose beyond the personal.

This confusion is by no means a permanent condition. The combination of your practicality and your intellectual approach to romance allows you to learn from mistakes.  It might take you a while and you will require just the right kind of partner but you will find a way to master, or at least manage, your divergent needs. With a little work, you can become the best of both worlds, a wise and experienced Lover who can both inspire the mind and satisfy the body.



Leading off our examples of The Down-to-Earth Liberator we once again have two famous comedians: off-beat funny man and provocateur Andy Kaufman (born Jan. 17, 1949 adb) and John Belushi (born Jan. 23, 1949 adb,) the Saturday Night Live alum who delighted audiences with his frenetic antics. As his career skyrocketed, Belushi sought refuge from the pressure in drugs, particularly cocaine. It was only watchfulness his wife, Judy, that kept him away from temptation. When the task of protecting Belushi from his own addictions became too daunting and Judy temporarily withdrew, the legendary comic succumbed to an overdose of cocaine and heroin.

Other examples include actress Scarlett Johansson (born Nov. 22, 1984 wik) and singer and actor Justin Timberlake (born Jan. 31, 1981 wik,) who were once thought by the gossips to be a couple. Timberlake has been paired with other female celebrities, beginning with his teenage romance with pop star Britney Spears, then his long affair with Cameron Diaz· (who was almost 10 years his senior) and his current girlfriend, Jessica Biel.

Also in this category we have novelist Sinclair Lewis (born Feb. 7, 1885 adb,) who rose to fame describing the foibles of small-town America but never quite got over his own bucolic roots. As a young man Lewis was hopelessly awkward when it came to romance and he didn’t marry until he was 29. For a time this marriage, to another writer, seemed very strong but once Lewis became famous after the publication of Main Street, he quickly fell prey to the temptations his new position in life afforded him and, after several broken promises to reform; his infidelities finally destroyed his once happy marriage.




If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Sexy Liberator

Sex often brings out the worst in you. It’s not that you’re an inept Lover. On the contrary, you are such and intense, lusty and imaginative Lover that you are always in demand. What causes you problems, however, is your inability to compromise on issues of desire. You have fixed preconceptions of what you want from sex and your needs often seem overwhelming. Weak or complacent partners will find you difficult, contrary and maybe a little scary.

Of course, you have little use for partners who can’t match your strength and who don’t share your serious, all-or-nothing approach to relationships. You require a Beloved who both tough and flexible, someone who can respond both to the deep emotionalism of your affection and to your cool, unfettered approach to sex. You don’t put much stock in the trappings of romance and you are often exasperatingly silent about your intense feelings and needs but, with a partner who possesses the proper mixture of patience and intuition, you are an attentive, committed and marvelously sexy Lover.



It is not surprising that our celebrity examples of The Sexy Liberator include two masters of irreverent, over-the-top comedy: Sacha Baron Cohen (born Oct. 13, 1971 wik,) noted for his “Borat” and “Ali G.” characters and African-American funny man Redd Foxx (born Dec. 9, 1922 adb.)

Another member of this group known for his biting satire is novelist Erskine Caldwell (born Dec. 17, 1903 adb.) Aside for such novels as Tobacco Road and God’s Little Acre, Caldwell is noted for dumping his wife, who had helped him write these novels without credit, and beginning an affair with photographer Margaret Bourke-White, with whom he was collaborating on another book. Unfortunately for Caldwell, Bourke-White, who had Mars and Venus in Gemini, predictably lost interest in the relationship once their project was finished.