If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Succulent Slave of Love

There is a sensitive, dreamy quality about your approach to love that somewhat belies your strong and very physical erotic appetites. You are the Mars in Capricorn Lover most in touch with your feelings. You require a sense of emotional commitment and security from your relationships and you have a weakness for glamour and fantasy in you sex life. Some people might even jump to the conclusion that you are a romantic but, beneath all this sweetness and frivolity, you still have a very practical and hard-nosed attitude toward sex.

Since you often appear shy and vulnerable, it is sometimes assumed that you are essentially a  passive Lover. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You generally control your relationships in very subtle ways, using emotional leverage and feelings of obligation and duty to get your way, but you can be much more direct when such measures are required. People who enter your fantasy world of love with expectations of a simple good time are often disappointed. There’s a lot of work to be done within that sexy dream world of yours and you expect it to be done well.



Three important pop musicians lead off our examples of The Succulent Slave of Love. First we have soul singer Marvin Gaye (born April 2, 1939 adb .) Gaye began his career singing love songs which often reflected his own troubles with women. He was first married to a woman 17 years his senior and then to a woman many years younger. Neither marriage could quell the inner demons that drove him to depression and drug use. His most significant relationship may have been with his partner on many of his most popular romantic duets, Tammi Terrell. Even though they were not lovers, Gaye claimed he fell in love with her every time they sang together. Her sudden death from a brain tumor was a blow from which Gaye never seemed to recover.·

Then we have George Harrison (born Feb. 24, 1943 adb) and Rod Stewart (born Jan. 10, 1945 adb,) who once said “Instead of getting married again, I’m just going to find a woman I don’t like and give hr a house.” This sentiment didn’t stop him from marrying for a third time.

Female examples of this group include Shannen Doherty (born Apr. 12, 1971 wik) and Queen Mary I of England (born Feb. 28, 1516 adb.)· Having survived the intrigues of the court of Henry VIII and watched as her father coldly replaced her mother, Katherine of Aragon, with the youthful Anne Boleyn, Mary took an understandably dim view of sex and marriage. Despite this trauma the embattled Queen agreed to a very late marriage with the Catholic King Philip of Spain. As the possibility of Mary producing a male heir dimmed, along with her hope of holding her younger husband, the queen embarked on a program of ferocious religious persecution that earned her the title of Bloody Mary.· A less royal (unless you count Hollywood royalty) and far less tragic example of this type is actress Drew Barrymore (born Feb. 22, 1975 adb.)

The oddest example of The Succulent Slave of Love is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (born Jan. 27, 1836 adb,) the author of Venus in Furs and the man for whom the term “masochism” was coined. Essentially, Sacher-Masoch asked women to beat and humiliate him but his fantasy went farther than that. The woman not only had to treat him like a servant, she had to betray him with just the right kind of snarling rogue. Sacher-Masoch spent much of his life trying to engineer this sexual drama first with a woman he paid and then with his wife.·His wife played the dominate role in these strange proceedings but always according to scenarios maticulously planned by Sacher-Masoch.

If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius 

you are . . .

The Visionary Slave of Love

You are the least physical of the Mars in Capricorn Lovers and the most unconventional. You approach sex with a great deal of intellectual curiosity and you look for partners who share your openness and willingness to experiment. Typically, however, you are careful to avoid behavior that is extreme or destructive and very often your rebellions are calculated to fit into a larger plan. You would like to think that sex can be a more than a grungy physical release and you try hard to link your erotic life with a higher, moral purpose. Of course, if you fail, you’ve always got all that nasty, regular sex to fall back on.

You are idealistic about relationships. You want your partner to represent something beyond the ordinary and if they can not, you often try to mold them into someone who can. These efforts are not always welcome and sometimes drive away the people most likely to love you but, once you have set your standards, you pursue them with cold and even dictatorial resolve. You do better when you concentrate on the human qualities of your Beloved and allow your sexuality to be led by your ideals rather than driven by them.



Our examples of The Visionary Slave of Love start with two remarkable women. Marlene Dietrich (born Dec. 27, 1901 adb) was an actress and singer who could be just as sexy in a tuxedo as she was in an evening gown. She maintained a cordial marriage while she entertained a long list of famous lovers of both genders. Despite her liberated lifestyle, Dietrich seemed to relish opportunities to scrub floors, play “hausfrau” and smother her partners with motherly affection.

Then we have Cosima Liszt Wagner (born Dec. 24, 1837 adb.) The illegitimate daughter of composer Franz Liszt, she first married composer Hans von Bulow. When Bulow failed to lift his music above the ordinary, Cosima moved on to become the lover and later the wife of Bulow’s idol, Richard Wagner. Her selfless advocacy of her second husband’s career helped establish Wagner as a legendary composer.

Other examples include religious visionary Joseph Smith (born Dec. 23, 1805 adb,) who believed he had holy authorization to take multiple wives, actor Nicholas Cage (born Jan. 7, 1964 adb,) who capped a life long obsession with Elvis Presley by marrying (and then divorcing his daughter,) actor and author Gene Hackman (born Jan. 30, 1930 adb) and artist Henri Matisse (born Dec. 31, 1869 adb.) While so many artists of his time painted their wives and paramours and sex objects, Matisse’s portraits of Madam Matisse show a woman with great strength of character. How correct Matisse was in his estimation of his wife was revealed many years later when Madam Matisse was imprisoned and interrogated by the Gestapo because her involvement with the French Resistance during World War II.

If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Saucy Slave of Love

You are the most impulsive Lover of this type and the one most likely to forget practicality and follow your instincts. This spontaneity, when combined with your strong physical drives, makes you a tremendously exciting, adventurous and unpredictable sex partner. It also gets you into more than your share of trouble. But acting in haste and repenting in leisure is not a problem for you. Like all Mars in Capricorn Lovers, you rather like repenting.

What is lacking in your sexual nature is subtlety. You pursue your desire with such directness and determination that you can appear inconsiderate and crude and you don’t control your relationships as much as you bully people into seeing things your way. The good new is that you are so affectionate and generous a Lover that you are easily forgiven your sins. The bad news is that this quick forgiveness only makes you more likely to commit the same offense again and again.



Examples of The Saucy Slave of Love include pop singer Christina Aguilera (born Dec. 18, 1980 adb,) who shocked many when she abandoned her upbeat, Disney image and began displaying both her body and her gritty take on sex to the public. She later toned down this “dirty girl” image and cultivated a more classic and professional approach.··

Another Christina in this group is heiress Christina Onassis (born Dec. 11, 1950.) The unloved daughter of Aristotle Onassis, Christine spent her life trying to earn, if not her father’s affection, the affection of someone of the same gender. Since she was not pretty, she had plastic surgery. Since there are only so many hours in the day, she maintained a steady diet of uppers and downers. Since men usually did not pursue her, she pursued them. Since her wealth seemed to get in the way, she set her sights on men who (theoretically at least) did not need her billions. Despite all her efforts, Christine Onassis never found the love and undivided attention she craved. She died of a heart attack at 37.

Other examples include Mexican painter Diego Rivera (born Dec. 8, 1886 adb,) whose marriage to another Mars in Capricorn Lover, Frida Kahlo, became a battle of wills that he usually lost. Also in this group we have actor Jake Gyllenhaal (born Dec. 19, 1980 wik,) singer David Bowie (born Jan. 8, 1947 adb) actor Samuel L. Jackson (born Dec. 21, 1948 wik,) comedian and television star Roseanne Barr (born Nov. 3, 1952 adb) and pop singer Katy Perry (born Oct. 25, 1984 wik.)

If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Stalwart Slave of Love

You are the earthiest Lover of this very earthy type. Sex is an elemental force in your life; so visceral, so primitive that at times it overwhelms you. Of course, very few people know this because you are such a conservative Lover and you are so good at concealing your true feelings. This sexual reserve and distaste for display can make it difficult for you to find a partner who equals your sexual intensity but, when you do, he or she is in for a very pleasant surprise.

Your concern for the physical aspects of sex and practical attention to issues like duty and loyalty within a relationship often makes you seem insensitive to the emotional side love. You understand that feelings are an important part of the equation; you just don’t always remember where you left yours. You are a very steady Lover who can be counted on to support you Beloved in any time of crisis. But if the crisis involves tears or throwing dishes you will most likely be providing that support from a safe distance.



Males seem to dominate our examples of The Stalwart Slave of Love. We have actor Brad Pitt (born Dec. 18, 1963 adb,) who surprised his fans when he abandoned his seemingly prefect marriage with Jennifer Aniston and immediately took up with the sexy Angelina Jolie, comedian and actor Jim Carrey (born Jan. 17, 1962 adb) and Prince Andrew (born Feb. 19, 1960 adb) the once wayward son of Elizabeth II. Also in this group we have Walt Disney (born Dec. 5, 1901 adb) and actor, playwright and composer Noel Coward (born Dec. 16, 1899 adb.)

Our two female examples include the Icelandic singer Bjork (born Nov. 21, 1965 wik) and the bi-sexual supermodel Gia Carangi (born Jan. 29, 1960 wik,) known for her self-destructive behavior and early demise.

The oddest example of this type is the British art critic and activist John Ruskin (born Feb. 8, 1819 adb.) Ruskin was unable to consummate his marriage with his young wife because of his engrained inhibitions about sex. This private matter became a public scandal when his wife fell in love with a painter and filed for divorce. In order to be granted the divorce, she had to admit in court that Ruskin maintained his chastity by masturbating every night before he came to bed.

If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Salacious Slave of Love

You are the Mars in Capricorn Lover who has the most difficulty keeping his or her sex life under control. This is unfortunate since you are also the Mars in Capricorn Lover to whom this control is most crucial. It’s not that you don’t try to hold to your essential conservatism, but with your devastating sexual allure, the temptation to do otherwise is sometimes just too great. And once you lower your guard and all that erotic madness is let loose, it’s hard to go back to being careful again.

Of course, since you are the sexiest of the Mars in Capricorn Lovers, you generally have ways to controlling a relationship other than just being careful. You have a marvelous knack for making people fall in love with you and it’s hard for you not to take advantage of that power. This might cause some people to regard you as high handed and manipulative but, since few people understand the complexities and awesome power of the sex instinct as well as you do, having you in charge of a relationship is typically a good thing. You can guide those willing to be led to sex that is both emotionally sustaining and physically pleasurable.



Our celebrity examples of The Salacious Slave of Love include two great sex symbols from an era before there were sex symbols. The first is Eleonora Duse (born Oct. 3, 1858 adb.) Duse was one of the most renowned actresses of her day. After a having her heart broken in her teens by an older actor, Duse chose her lovers was with care. She preferred intelligent, cultured men and conducted her affairs with discretion. Unfortunately, the great love of her life turned out to be the sexually voracious Gabriele D’Annunzio who had no compunction about describing the intimate details of their relationship in his novels and poetry.·

The second is the Hungarian born pianist and composer Franz Liszt (born Oct. 22, 1811 adb.) As a performer Liszt achieved rock star status during his time and he had affairs with some of the most beautiful women in Europe. He was practical, however, and when he slipped away from the hotel room of the fiery actress, Lola Montez, he left money behind to pay for the furniture he knew she world break when she found out that he was gone.

More contemporary examples include actress Katie Holmes (born Dec. 18, 1978 wik,) wife for Tom Cruise, punk rocker Patti Smith (born Dec. 30, 1946 adb,) singer and early paramour of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull (born Dec.29, 1946 wik,) whose laissez-faire approach of sex and drugs seemed perfectly in tune with the 1960s until they overwhelmed her. Also we have legendary comedian Groucho Marx (born Oct. 2, 1890 adb,) actress Anne Hathaway (born Nov. 12, 1982 wik) and political strategist Dick Morris (Nov. 28, 1948 wik) who was Bill Clinton’s chief political strategist until his patronage of a high-class hooker and his kinky foot fetish were revealing in the tabloids. Forced to resign, Morris became a conservative columnist noted for his vitriol.

A much quieter example of this type is the beloved English author Jane Austen (Dec. 16, 1775 adb.)