If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Maestro of Dreams

You are the most optimistic and generous of all the Mars in Leo Lovers. Of course, you are also among the most unrealistic. To you, sex is the ultimate affirmation of life. It is a grand ideal that shines a kind and forgiving light into the ugliest corners of human fragility. Your’s is the gift of eternal hope and no matter how many times you get hurt you never lose your faith in love. This extraordinary optimism can at times make you seem unworldly and even foolish but for you, and the people who love you, that is not a problem.

You typically appear less controlling than most Lovers of this type but, of course, that’s not all together true. As far as real life is concerned, you are pretty easy going. You accept people as they are and you take your pleasure where you find it. But this is only because in your fantasies—in the world of your sexual ideals—you enjoy a control that is absolute and unquestioned. This is one reason why this world of fantasy is so precious to you. And it is also why only the most privileged and beloved are permitted to join you there.



Because this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus our celebrity examples are sparse but we do have three that are remarkable. The first is the Russian-born poet and novelist, Vladimir Nabokov (born April 22, 1899 adb.) Nabokov became famous after the publication of his novel, Lolita in which a pedophile confesses his fascination and ultimate conquest of an underage “nymphet.”· Nabokov’s other novels dealt with such subjects as premature ejaculation, impotence and homosexuality. Though he had been something of a ladies’ man in his youth, Nabokov was hardly a libertine in real life. He relied on research and his own imagination for information regarding these diverse subjects.·

Our second example is the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen (born April 2, 1805 adb.) As a young man Andersen was offended by the coarse sexual references of his working class peers and even after he became famous writing children’s stories such and The Little Mermaid, he avoided sex. He had close relationships with several women during his life but these ladies failed to respond to the courtship of the awkward and unworldly writer and the affairs remained platonic. Desperate for affection, Andersen was sometime made ill by his sexual frustration.·

Finally we have Florenz Ziegfeld (born March 21, 1869 adb,) the master showman who invented the chorus line and brought the world the Ziegfeld Follies. Ziegfeld was famous for bringing to the stage the most beautiful and talented young women. He slept with several of his star performers but these romances were typically more an extension of Zeigfeld’s extravagant productions than they were love affairs.

A more contemporary example is talk show host Conan O’Brien (Apr. 18, 1963 adb.) 

If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Maestro of Enlightenment

You take the playfulness of Mars in Leo and add to it a mischievous edge and a yen for experimentation and discovery. Though you take sex seriously, you always look at your passions from an intellectual distance that allows you to have a great deal of fun with relatively little emotional display. Some people may find you cold and manipulative, and it is true you are quite skilled at playing with other people’s minds, but there is never any malice in your manipulations.

There is a formidable idealism within your sexual nature that will likely be responsible for both your best and your worst erotic moments. At the best times this idealism allows you to leap over the fears and insecurities that limit the sex lives of so many people and achieve an almost visionary sense of sexual joy. At the worst it makes you preachy, stubborn, egocentric and completely insensitive to some very real emotional and moral concerns.



Since this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we have only a few celebrity examples. One is sex researcher Dr. William H. Masters (born Dec. 27, 1915 wik.) Masters began doing clinical studies on human sexuality in the early 1960s. His research was controversial since it required couples to actually have sex in the laboratory with researchers and various scientific instruments measuring their responses. When he published his findings in a highly technical book called Human Sexual Response it immediately became a bestseller and is now considered one of the corner stones of the sexual revolution.·

Another example is singer/actress Vanessa Williams (born March 18, 1963 adb.) Williams caused a scandal shortly after she became the first African-American Miss America when nude photographs that she had posed for years earlier were published. She was able to rebound from this shock and reconstruct a singing career. Our third example of this type is rocker Bret Michaels (born March 15, 1963 wik) who became the central figure of a hit reality show, Rock of Love, as he searched for the right girl to match his raucous, rock star lifestyle.

If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Maestro of Excitement

You are an enthusiastic, ferociously energetic Lover whose capacity for love seems to have no bounds. In fact, your generosity and confidence are such that people often fail to notice that the ideal of unlimited love by which you live does not include a sense of responsibility. You are so intent on expressing your sexual freedom that you often forget other people might be hurt or offended by your liberty. You need to cultivate the ability to say “no”—particularly to yourself. As awful as it may sound, a little frustration can actually do you some good.

On the positive side, you manage to have as much fun with sex as is humanly possible. Your approach to the erotic is always fresh and wondrous and you never allow yourself to be pulled down by the mundane. At your best your love-making can take on an almost spiritual quality and your boundless capacity for love and eroticism can expand far beyond your bedroom and the trivialities of physical pleasure to encompass the whole world.



Our first example of The Maestro of Excitement is pornographer Artie Mitchell (born Dec. 17, 1945 birth certificate.)· Mitchell and his older brother, Jim, formed a team that turned “dirty movies” into a billion dollar industry during the 1970s. Along the way, Artie Mitchell became famous for his array of beautiful girlfriends and his wild sexual antics. Though he was married twice and maintained the semblance of being suburban family man, Mitchell recognized no limits to his excessive lifestyle and women flocked to him despite his rude and occasionally abusive behavior. Mitchell’s crazy ride ended when an argument with his long-suffering brother resulted in Jim shooting Artie to death.

Other examples of this type include veteran actors Robert Duvall (born Jan. 5, 1931 adb) and Rip Torn (born Feb. 6, 1931 adb,) as well as modernist painters Wassily Kandinsky (born Dec. 4, 1866 adb) and Rene Magritte (born Nov. 21, 1898 adb.)· Also in this category we have businessman and politician Herman Cain (born Dec. 13, 1945) and the noted author of Silas Mariner and Middlemarch, George Eliot (born Nov. 22, 1819 adb.) Forced to publish under a man’s name because of the prejudices of her time and seemingly condemned to remain unwed because of her remarkable ugliness, Eliot managed to attain literary success and to maintain a passionate, though unofficial, union with George Henry Lewes (who was married to another woman.) She was also romantically attached to two women, though it is unclear how physical these relationships became.·

If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Maestro of Tragedy

You take a more practical approach to sex than most Mars in Leo Lovers. Your attitude may be less artistic than some Lovers of this type but it also less hampered by idealism and pride. Your first goal is always basic physical pleasure and you are usually very creative in finding ways to achieve this goal. You can be a very demanding Lover partly because of your strong sex drive and partly because you need a partner who will give you something to brag about.

All Mars in Leo Lovers like a bit of theater in their love lives but your tastes run toward the tragic. You’re a sucker for a sad story, either your own or someone else’s, and you love expanding these stories and weaving them into your sexual history. Sometimes this taste for dramatizing the negative can cause you to broadcast your least desirable qualities and wallow in your weaknesses. Other times it makes you a champion of the weak and unloved. In either case, you are never boring.



Our examples of The Maestro of Tragic Love include the French singer, Edith Piaf (born Dec. 19, 1915 adb.) Piaf rose from an impoverished street singer to become one of the most popular performers of all time. Piaf often sang of the sweet allure and tragic end of love, a subject with which she was very familiar. She was twice married and had numerous love affairs, none of which ended happily. Her most famous lover was with the French boxing champion, Marcel Cerdan, who died suddenly in a plane crash, apparently as he was rushing to return to Piaf. Most of her later affairs with younger men, many of whom she groomed to become singers. She was often unfaithful and cruel to these men but she bemoaned the fact that so few of them were “primitive” enough to give her a good beating.

Another example of the complexity of this Mars/Venus combination is Frank Sinatra (born Dec. 12, 1915 adb.)· Promiscuous as he undeniable was, Sinatra nonetheless held on to his conventional marriage for many years. Even though the popular crooner was able to summons the attention of virtually any woman he wanted, his greatest and most enduring love was for Ava Gardener, a fast-living, hard-drinking actress who continually rejected Sinatra’s love sick offers of matrimony and refused to acquiesce to his domineering style. Other examples include the legendary actor, James Dean (born Feb. 8, 1931 adb,) whose was famously self-destructive in all aspect of his life, including sex and the British  born pop singer (and husband of Heidi Klum) known as Seal (born Feb. 19, 1963 adb.)

If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Maestro of Mystery

You are the naughty Mars in Leo Lover. You are a very sexy Lover with a knack for bombast and display, and you occasionally enjoy upsetting people whose ideas about sex and relationships are prudish and complacent. Many will find your approach to sex too bold and a little intimidating and that’s just the way you like it. Still, no one should assume that you sexuality is ever out of control, even when you are behaving badly. You are essentially a very conservative Lover who rarely does anything in the realm of love or sex that is not carefully planned and thought out.

Nothing excites you quite as much as the mixture of sex with power. You are Lover who takes more pleasure in a battle of wills than a simple tussle in bed. At your worse you can use your dark and often devious sensuality to entrap and dominate other people. At your best your complex and power-driven sexuality will serve to winnow out weaker and less worthy partners and leave you with only those strong enough to give your willful sexual nature a little competition.



Our celebrity examples of The Maestro of Mystery start off with several strong-willed women: actress Demi Moore (born Nov. 11, 1962 adb,) actress Jodie Foster (born Nov. 19, 1962 adb,) actress Sigourney Weaver (born Oct 8, 1949 adb,) actress Goldie Hawn (born Nov. 21, 1945 adb,) singer and actress Bette Midler (born Dec. 1, 1945 adb,) and former first lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton (born Oct. 26, 1947 adb.)

Men in this category include actor Richard Dreyfuss (born Oct. 29, 1947 adb) and rock musicians Neil Young (born Nov. 12, 1945) and Bruce Springsteen (born Sept. 23, 1949 adb) along with actor and director John Krasinski (born Oct. 20,1979.) One notable example of this type is Bob Guccione (born Dec. 17. 1930 adb.)· As the publisher and often the lead photographer of Penthouse, the first magazine of its kind to serious compete with Playboy, Guccione amassed a fortune by putting his sexual tastes on display.

A historical example of this type is the influential British Prime Minister from the Victorian era, Benjamin Disraeli (born Dec. 21, 1804 adb.) Disraeli had two careers, first as a scandal-mongering novelist and then as a politician. In both he made extensive use of his power over women to advance his cause. One woman helped him write his first novel and another helped him rise to prominence in the Conservative Party. At this point Disraeli turned his attention to a rich widow who was 12 years his senior. He wooed her vigorous until she agreed to marry him then he settled down and became a devoted husband.