If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Hard-Nosed Home Body

You are the Mars in Cancer Lover least likely to admit to your emotional vulnerability. You would prefer the world to see you as a self-sufficient and tough-minded individual whose attitude toward sex and love is practical, down-to-earth and generally conservative. It is only when people get to know you well that the true depths of your psychological and sexual needs become apparent. Even then you will adamantly hold on to your emotional aloofness. The partner most likely to impress you is the person who will give you the hug you so desperately need without making you admit that you needed it.

You often feel most comfortable when you can quantify your feeling. You use gifts and favors to express the deep affection you dare not declare and you often project your emotional dependency and need for security onto physical objects given to you by your Beloved. This may seem to reduce the exchange of love to the level of a business transaction but the true value of these exchanges lies on a deeper, emotional level and at this level, no matter how business-like and practical you may appear, you are always willing to pay whatever is asked in order to get the unconditional, enduring love you require.



Even though this is one of the rarer combinations, we have several interesting celebrity examples. First we have actress and activist Daryl Hannah (born Dec. 3, 1960 adb.) After gaining fame as the mermaid in the movie Splash, Hannah became on-again-off-again girlfriend of singer Jackson Browne. When that long relationship came to an abrupt and violent end (leaving Hannah with a black eye)· she fell into the arms of another person born with Mars in Cancer and Venus in Capricorn, the handsome and then very available John F. Kennedy, Jr. (born Nov. 25, 1960 adb.) This relationship lasted until Kennedy began courting his soon-to-be wife Carolyn Bessette. Kennedy’s marriage to Bessette, who never quite warmed to her famous husband’s standing as the “sexiest man alive,” was notably acrimonious and came to a tragic end when they were both killed in a plane crash.

Other examples of The Hard-Nosed Home Body include singer and actress Dolly Parton (born Jan. 19, 1946 adb.) Parton is noted for her down-home frankness about sex and for her gaudy and flirtatious persona but she has managed to maintain stable and enduring marriage with her conservative, business-man husband despite the glamorous trappings and romantic distractions of her work. In this category we also have country singer Naomi Judd (born Jan. 11, 1946 adb,) country and gospel singer Amy Grant (born Nov. 25, 1960 adb,) African-American novelist Toni Morrison (Feb. 18, 1931 adb,) and pop singer Miley Cyrus (born Nov. 23, 1992 wik.)

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