If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Inspired Sensualist

You are a very sensitive, skittish Lover and you often feels at odds with the raw, unmitigated sensuality of your own sexual feelings. You expect sex to be more than just flesh-on-flesh. You expect it to be an inspiration, a magical liberation of the spirit as well as the body. Therefore you are often disappointed, or simply overwhelmed by the sexual experiences you have as a Mars in Taurus Lover. You may try and escape the limitations of physical sex and seek out relationships that are based more on intellectual and spiritual affinity but no matter how much you try to develop the idealistic side of your sexual nature, deep down you will always remain a sensualist.

Even though you are a nervous, occasionally confused Lover who may require some special handling, the impulsive energy of your lovemaking can make you a very desirable partner. You are one of the least conservative Mars in Taurus Lovers and, when the mood is right, you can dazzle your partner with your daring and unpredictability. In your best moments you have the capacity to blend raw sexual energy with childlike joy and, when this happens, it is worth a little special handling.



Our primary example of this type is Madam Pompadour (born Dec. 29, 1721 adb,) the influential mistress of Louis XV of France. Though it was her youthful beauty that first attracted the amorous king, Pompadour understood that it would take more than sex to hold on to her exalted position so she also became her royal lover’s friend, confidant and, particularly in matter of art and culture, his advisor. In this way she remained an important figure within the court of Versailles even after Louis moved on the new mistresses .

Other examples of The Inspired Sensualist are actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Nov. 22, 1958 adb) and cartoonist and irreverent inventor of the Addams Family, Charles Addams (born Jan. 7, 1912 adb.) Also in this group is American military leader Douglas MacArthur (born Jan 26, 1880 adb.) The very ambitious and egocentric MacArthur was caught in a nasty scandal in the 1930s when his half-Chinese girlfriend, whom he had secretly been maintaining in grand style for years, sold her story to the press .

Another example of this type is the comedian W.C Fields (born Jan. 29, 1880 wik.) Fields dutifully gave monetary support to his wife, whom he deserted soon after the birth of their son, and his long time mistress but he never tired of proclaiming how much he resented these financial obligations .

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