If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Hell-of-a-Home Body

You are a psycho-sexual force of nature capable of bowling people over with the power of your desires and then amazing them with the subtlety and sensitivity of you sexual technique. You are a very intense Lover who demands a lot of attention and who tends to dominate relationships even though you approach to sex and love is essentially passive. People respond to you not just because of your sexual allure or because of your emotional vulnerability. They just want be a part of the awe inspiring phenomena that is you.

Because you take sexual relationships so seriously you tend to be conservative or at least quiet about them. Unfortunately, those who have been swept up in your emotional maelstrom are not always so secretive. These survivors are likely to come away with terrible tales of a demanding and irrational Lover, too sexy to ignore and too incredibly complex to understand. But that lucky person who has been sucked into the calm and loving eye of this emotional hurricane that is your emotional life and is enjoying the incredible warmth and sexual opulence that is at your core, that person is not likely to utter the smallest complaint.




Examples of The Hell-of-a-Home Body include the author of The Time Machine and War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells (born Sept. 21, 1866 adb.) From the very beginning of his career, when he divorced his first wife, Wells seemed intent on shocking his Victorian audience with his sexual behavior. After the divorce the author began a long series of seductions and affairs. He claimed that he was helping spread the idea of sexual liberation by pouncing on virtually every attractive woman who crossed his path. Through it all, however, Wells maintained a caring and very possessive relationship with his indulgent second wife.

Other examples of this group include Irish actor and singer Richard Harris (born Oct. 1, 1930 adb,) known for his distaste for pretense and his voracious appetite for life, alcohol and drugs, an appetite that almost killed him, twice, and ended his two marriages. Another example with a bad-boy image is Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (born Oct. 3, 1962 wik,) who became an inadvertent porn star when video of him having sex with his soon to be ex-wife Pamela Anderson were stolen and spread across the internet. Other celebrity examples include Marie Antoinette (born Nov. 2, 1755 adb,) the ill-fated queen of France, composer George Gershwin (born Sept. 26, 1898 adb) and Belgian actor and martial arts expert Jean-Claude Van Damme (born Oct. 18, 1960 adb.)

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