If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Sensual Idealist

You are a sexual idealist, a Lover who wants to put his or her Beloved on a pedestal.  Of course, that person must also be able to frequently step off that pedestal and love you in a very human, very physical way. Your idealized expectations of what love should be and how a relationship should function will always be very important to you, but never more important than your need for physical pleasure. If forced to choose between the two, you will undoubtedly find some sneaky way to have both.

You are the Mars in Taurus Lover most likely to be put off by the bodily realities of sex. While most Lovers of this type can overlook such things and morning breath and dry cleaning bills for the sake of a good time, you can’t. On the one hand, this makes you a much more discriminating Mars in Taurus Lover, someone who will not accept sex just for the sake of physical pleasure. On the other hand, this fastidious approach makes you a very exasperating partner who expects lots of good, earthy sexual enjoyment delivered in a delicate and refined manner.



Among our examples of The Sensual Idealist are two courageous female social reformers. Margaret Sanger (born Sept 14, 1879 adb) was a nurse and a trieless advocate for birth control at a time when even distribution printed information about birth control was a crime. Sanger was an equally tireless advocate, and practitioner, of free love, an attribute that destroyed her first marriage, strained her second and thrilled her many lovers . Annie Besant (born Oct. 1, 1847 adb) abandoned her husband, a minister, and began campaigning in favor of secularism in Britain. Later she fought for birth control and the rights of workers. She had several important male partners in her battles and many suspected she was closer to these men than she claimed though a private detective hired by her vengeful ex-husband was unable to substantiate these charges.

Also among this group we have two famous wives. Alma Mahler Werfel (born Aug. 31, 1879 wik) was an extraordinary Viennese beauty who captivated a series of famous men, including painter Oskar Kokoschka, composer Gustav Mahler and author Franz Werfel . Frieda von Richthofen Weekly Lawrence (born Aug. 11, 1879 wik) was an aristocratic German who left her husband, a British professor, and their three children to marry the impoverished writer, D. H. Lawrence. The lusty Frieda was not always loyal to Lawrence in the physical sense but she provided unwavering emotional support to her genius husband. She is generally considered to be the model for the heroine in Lawrence’s famous novel, Lady Chatterly’s Lover .

Other examples include vintage rock-and-roller Chuck Berry (born Oct 18, 1926 adb) and French philosopher Michel Foucault (born Oct 15, 1926 adb,) who was in the midst of writing a multi-volume history of sex when he died of A.I.D.S.

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