If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Sensual Show-Off

You are too demonstrative a Lover with too much of an appreciation for drama and display in your love life to keep it completely secret. And, typically, you’re having too much fun to care. You are a boisterous, fiery Mars in Taurus Lover: warm-hearted, generous and profoundly sensual. You have a taste for the unusual in your sexual experiences and bragging rights matter as much as sensation.

The conservative side of your sexual nature often shows itself most in your need for control. Sex loses its appeal for you the minute you feel you are being forced to play by someone else’s rules. There is nothing fancy in your need to control your own sex life. You have no taste for psychological manipulation. You just like to be the person who says where, when, and how the relationship is going to progress. Even if you’re not the person in control, you like it understood that you could be. Anyone willing to live by these rules will find you a very compliant Lover.



Our first example of The Sensual Show-Off is one of the great “show-offs” of all time, Madonna (born Aug. 16, 1958 adb.) In her youth, Madonna showed no qualms about putting her sexuality on display on stage, in movies and in a notorious book. Even with motherhood and maturity; she still knows how to push the envelope . Her forerunner in this regard was another strong-willed woman and Sensual Show-Off, the French writer George Sand (born July 1, 1804 adb.) Sand wrote under a man’s name and created controversy by occasionally dressing in male attire. Like Madonna, she seems to have had passing infatuations with women but her principal love affairs (with novelist Jules Sandeau, composer Frederic Chopin and poet Alfred de Musset) involved men who were also famous and a number of years younger that she .

Pop singer Michael Jackson (born Aug. 29, 1958 adb) was discreet concerning his two failed marriages but his crotch-grabbing dance moves, his oddly androgyne appearance and the allegations of illegal sexual contacts with children have served to make his sexuality a matter of great public curiosity . Pop artists Andy Warhol (born Aug. 6, 1924 adb) did a better job of keeping his sex life obscured from public view even while he was blithely sketching and filming the people who flocked to his studio, or “factory,” having sex .

Other examples of this type are actor Tom Cruise (born July 5, 1962 adb,) and dancer, singer and  itenerant talent judge Paula Abdul (born June 19, 1962 adb.)

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