If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Gemini

you are . . .

The Playful Sensualist

You are a deft and inventive Lover who combines Mars in Taurus earthiness with the consummate skill of a thoughtful and unembarrassed connoisseur of physical pleasures. You are the most curious Lover of this type. You pay just as much attention to what can be learned about love and sex intellectually as you do to the instinctive drives of your body. At times this causes you to over-think your love-making, to make something complex out of what (at least for a Mars in Taurus person) should always be simple, but more often your intellectual curiosity only makes you a better informed and more capable partner.

At your worse, you are too clever about sex and love for your own good; too concerned about getting the best deal for your sensual nature.  Relationships become transactions: this much sex of a certain quality weighed against this much emotional effort and commitment. Thinking like this can only make your love life soulless and mechanical and drive the people you love most away. You are the cleverest and most skillful Lover of the supremely sensual type but these marvelous capacities are of little use if you have no one with whom you can share them.



Our celebrity examples of The Playful Sensualist include two powerful women. Catherine the Great of Russia (born May 2, 1729 adb) was an unimportant German princess married to the weak and ineffectual heir to the Russian throne. The only good thing about her husband was that his mental incapacity made it easy for her take lovers. With the help of one of these men, a burly cavalry officer, she deposed her husband and went on to become one of the most powerful monarchs of her age .

The love life of screen idol Bette Davis (born April 5, 1908 adb) followed a similar pattern. Her husbands (all four of them) were either too weak or too poor to stand up to her indomitable ego while her lovers, such as director William Wyler and the young Howard Hughes tended to be dynamic, strong-willed men. A more sedate example of the Playful Sensualist is "Spiderman" star, Tom Holland (born June 1, 1996).

Also in this group is U.S. President, John F. Kennedy (born May 29, 1917 adb.) Though Kennedy remains one of our most beloved and lauded chief executives, the many casual sexual liaisons he engaged in while president have tarnished his reputation . Larry Craig (born July 20, 1945 wik,) the former U.S Senator from Idaho, had his image tarnished even more when he was caught tapping his foot in an airport restroom, allegedly to signal his availability for homosexual sex.

For a Playful Sensualist of a very different type we have the Czech writer, Franz Kafka (born July 3, 1883 adb.) The author of Metamorphosis and other tales filled with alienation and angst, Kafka had a surprisingly active sex life but, though he was able to interact freely with prostitutes and women of the lower classes, he balked at relationships that could have ended in marriage. He did not fall in love until he was 40; the same year he moved out of is parent’s home. He died at 41.

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