If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Sentimental Sensualist

For you sex packs a powerful one-two punch. One the one hand you have all the good, earthy sensuality of a Mars in Taurus Lover, on the other you react to this physical stimulation in a highly emotional way. For you the purely physical needs of the body and the powerful yearnings of the heart for security and love are hopelessly intermingled. This makes your sex life infinitely more complex than that of the typical Mars in Taurus Lover and infinitely more troublesome for any perspective partner.

The good news is that, at your best, you are more that worth the trouble. Your emotionally charged sensuality takes the pleasure principle to a whole new level. You are an extremely seductive lover who sees sexual pleasure as a physical manifestation of true and devoted love. At your worst, however, this powerful combination of emotional and physical sensuality can overwhelm your Mars in Taurus practicality and cause you to treat sex like a drug, something you desperately need in order to feel emotionally fulfilled.



Our primary example of The Sentimental Sensualist is the pianist and consummate showman, Liberace (born May 16, 1919 adb.) Liberace became aware of his homosexuality at a very early age but he fought against it for years. Even after he became a huge star he kept his homosexual affairs secret, even going so far as to sue newspapers writers who got too close to the truth. It was only after he was “outed” in a palimony suit that Liberace’s secret homosexual life was revealed and, to his surprise, he learned that no one really cared.

The actor, John Derek (born Aug. 12, 1926 adb) began his career in the 1950s as the latest Hollywood hunk. When this fizzled he proved himself a genius at picking, developing and promoting female sex symbols (Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek.) The only thing unusual about his business was the fact that he tended to marry his beautiful clients . Also in this group we have movie producer Robert Evans (born June 29, 1930 wik,) who was also often paired with beautiful actresses and models, Among his seven short-lived marriages was one to actress Ali McGraw and another to beauty queen Phyllis George.

Other celebrity examples of this type include actress Ally Sheedy (born June 13, 1962 adb,) singer Lenny Kravitz (born May 26, 1964 wik,) Friends star Courtney Cox (born June 15, 1964 wik) and political satirist Stephen Colbert (born May 13, 1964 wik.)

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