If you have Mars In Taurus with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Sensualist Without Limits

You are an uninhibited, free-spirited Lover and you bring to your sexual experiences a joy of discovery that is both exciting and infectious. You like to experiment in your sexual play and you appreciate variety and openness. Combined with your avid sensuality, this openness often leads you far away from the conservatism typical of Mars in Taurus. But as long as you stay close to your essential earthiness and follow the lead of your body, you can’t get into too much trouble.

Typically, the only aspect of your sexuality that causes you problems is your own headstrong idealism. Even though you are the most liberated Mars in Taurus Lover, you are also the least flexible. You have strong opinions about what your sexual experience should be and who it is you must love. Not only does this tendency to intellectualize sensation interfere with your ability to enjoy sex, it also sets up conflict between your mind and body that you may never completely resolve.



Our primary example of this type is the photographer, Diane Arbus (born March 14, 1923 wik.)· Known for her quirky photos of people on the freakish fringes of society, Arbus was happily married until she was 36. At this point, her husband left her and Arbus embarked on a sexual odyssey through swingers’ clubs, leather bars and porn houses, experimenting with as many different kinds of sex as she could. These forays into the sensual unknown provided her with great material for her photographs but they could not heal her broken heart.

Another sexual explorer in this group was writer Mercedes de Acosta (born March 1, 1893 wik,) an avowed lesbian who published an autobiography detailing her affairs with an array of famous women, including the film star Greta Garbo.

Fortunately, not all our examples of The Sensualist Without Limits are so extreme. We have actor Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955 adb,) whose long divorce from Demi Moore seems to be more functional than most Hollywood marriages with both partners happily seeking out younger lovers. Also in this group super-skinny supermodel Kate Moss (born Jan. 16, 1974 mdb) whose body was immortalized in gold and singers Graham Nash (born Feb. 2, 1942 adb) and Carole King (born Feb. 9, 1942 adb.) Another example is the devilish child star of The Exorcist, Linda Blair (born Jan. 22, 1959 adb.)

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