If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Picky Powerhouse of Passion

You are a pleasure-loving and extremely physical Lover but you spend so much time analyzing your lust that you barely have time to enjoy it. It is your goal to understand the mysterious core of your sexual feelings and your conviction that you can’t really start having fun until you figure it all out. At some point you have to realize that there’s no way you can ever arrive at a rational understanding of this cosmic force. The only reasonable course of action is to just lay back and let it take you where it will.

You tend to take a passive approach to sex, accepting what comes your way and wasting no time worrying about what doesn’t. Efforts you make to use your tremendous sex drive as a means of power and to control relationships tend to be, at best, disappointing and you find the psychological manipulations that thrill so many Lovers of this type tiresome. You would like sex to be simpler and more direct but, given the heavy emotionalism of your Mars in Scorpio erotic nature, even the most expedient sexual encounter will be fraught with obsessive implications.



Among our examples of The Picky Powerhouse of Passion we have T.E. Lawrence (born Aug. 16, 1888 adb.) Better known as Lawrence of Arabia, he rose to fame during World War I when he organized the loose knit tribes of the Arabian Peninsula into an army to fight along side the British. After the war, disappointed with way his Arab friends were treated by the Allies, Lawrence resigned his commission and reentered the army as a common soldier. Lawrence’s attitude toward sex was conflicted. He showed little interest in women and was at ease with homosexual behavior both in England and among his Arab troops but there is no evidence that he ever took a lover from either gender. After Lawrence’s death it was revealed that the war hero had developed a convoluted process whereby one his fellow soldiers was hired by a fictional uncle to beat Lawrence. The soldier reported back to the “uncle” with detailed descriptions of these spankings and the “uncle” replied with instructions on how to increase and prolong the pain. Lawrence played the part of a passive victim in these ruses.

Other examples include actor and comedian Paul Reubens (born Aug. 27, 1952 wik,) who found great success playing a nerdy character called Pee Wee Herman. By 1991 Reubens was the host of his own children’s show and the star of two hit movies but he immediately fell from grace when he was arrested for “indecent behavior” in an X-rated theater. He later had a trouble with the law because of his collection of erotica.·

·Other examples of this type include Eleanor Roosevelt (born Oct. 11, 1884 adb,) actor and dancer Patrick Swayze (born Aug. 18, 1952 adb) and musical satirist “Weird” Al Yankovic (born Oct. 23, 1959 adb.)

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