If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Voluptuous Powerhouse of Passion

You are gifted with a lush sensuality and a quiet, unhurried eroticism that tends to get noticed whether you want it to or not. Mostly you'd rather it didn't. You are very straightforward in your approach to sex and you make no excuses for your substantial physical desires but you firmly believe that sex is a private matter between you and your Beloved. Your partner will not only be challenged to keep up with you physically, he or she will also have to meet your very high standards of confidentiality. 

Because your response to sex is so physical it is easy for you to think of your sexual needs in purely bodily terms. But nothing could be further from the truth. For you sex always involves deep and complex psychological issues like power, security and control. These complexities don’t necessarily detract from your concern for sensation, but they will make it more difficult for you to manage your sex life in the neat, practical fashion that you prefer. It’s the emotions that get you in trouble. Of course, it’s the emotions that also make it all worthwhile. 



As might be expected with a combination that is both rare and conservative, our examples of The Voluptuous Powerhouse of Passion are rather sparse. We do have two famous writers both of whom enjoyed very active sex lives despite the fact that they were relatively unattractive physically. The first is playwright and political activist Lillan Hellman (born June 20, 1905 wik,) who was considered homely by many but managed to become the protégé, lover and longtime companion of the master mystery novelist Dashiell Hammett.·

The second is French novelist and existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (born June 21, 1905 adb.) Sartre is notable because in order to keep his long relationship with Simone de Beauvoir on the most philosophical and modern basis he insisted on “transparency.” He proudly confessed to her the details of all his sexual dalliances which were many, despite his rather frog-like appearance. Unfortunately, later in the relationship, when de Bauvoir began having affairs of her own Sartre was far less enthusiastic about their vow of “transparency.”

Other examples of this type include country singer George Strait (born May 18, 1952 adb,) NASCAR driver Richard Petty (born July 2, 1937 adb.)

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