If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Ultimate Powerhouse of Passion

You and sex have a special relationship. Sometimes your sexuality is your greatest adversary, something you struggle with night and day. It gets the best of you as often as you get the best of it, but winning and losing is less important than the struggle. Other times your sexuality is your greatest friend. It provides you with a phenomenal, almost supernatural, store of physical energy and psychological intensity that cannot be confined just to your sex life. Lovemaking represents only a small part of your sexual power, although it may well be your favorite part.

Sex is such an overwhelming issue in your life that it is sometimes difficult for you to focus all that power on any one partner. In some instances, the partner may even become superfluous because you are so busy wrestling with your own inner demons. At your worst, this self-involvement over-shadows the emotional warmth and sensuality of your sexual nature and makes you seem domineering and ruthless. At your best, your inner struggles make you a stronger, more confident and more purposeful Lover.



Our examples of The Ultimate Powerhouse of Passion include some very strong willed people. At the top of this list we have Mohandas Gandhi (born Oct. 2, 1869 adb.) Pursuing a course of non-violent protest, Gandhi eventually brought about the liberation of India from British rule. In the context of his marriage, however, Gandhi was less revolutionary. In his youth his belief in male dominance caused him to rape his wife when she was in the later months of pregnancy. Later Gandhi found out that his father died just as he was engaging in this matrimonial rape and he felt guilty for the rest of his life. At 37 Gandhi renounced sex, deciding that the only way to master his animal passions was absolute chastity. There is no word on how his wife felt about this. Gandhi was in his 70s before he felt that he had totally eliminated lust from his thoughts and fantasies. At this time he began “testing” his chastity by sleeping nude with his young female followers. Apparently the Mahatma was so delighted with his mastery of his sexual urges that he keep “testing” himself over and over.

Other strong-willed examples include the religious leader Martin Luther (born Nov. 19, 1483 adb.) One of the first things Luther did after he renounced his vows as a monk and broke with the Catholic Church was denounce the practice of celibacy. He fervently believed that marriage was the best cure for temptations of the flesh and he quickly proposed to an ex-nun who became his wife and the mother of his several children.·

· A different sort of strength of will in seen in examples such as martial arts expert and actor Bruce Lee (born Nov. 27, 940 adb) actress Susan Sarandon (born Oct. 4, 1946 adb.)

Examples who were less scrupulous about controlling their sexual demons include comedian Richard Pryor (born Dec. 1, 1940 adb,) actor Robert Blake (born Sept. 18, 1933 adb) who was lured into a ill-advised marriage to a con-artist named Bonnie Bakley and then tried for murder when she was shot· and famed pornographer, magazine publisher and first amendment activist Larry Flynt (born Nov. 1, 1942 adb,) who has made a career out flaunting “public decency” in any way he can.

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