If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Pulsating Powerhouse of Passion


There is an oceanic quality about your sexuality that tends to sweep people up and carry them very far from where they thought they were going to be. You don’t have to issue edicts or bully in order to dominate a relationship. You do it simply with the power of your emotions and the acuity of your psychological insights. This is not necessarily a bad quality. As long as your aim is love, the people who surrender themselves to your emotional steamroller have nothing to fear or to complain about. You are an extremely affectionate and sexy Lover. You just have to be mindful of the power you possess.

The problems come when love ceases to be you aim. Because your feelings are so strong and so subjective there is little middle ground in your emotional life and love can quickly change into hate, jealousy, remorse and a thousand other negative emotions. Moreover, your obsessions are so powerful that they sometimes seem to alter reality; not just for you but for your Beloved and your judgments can become strangely skewed and unreliable. For you, more than any other Lover, love has to be the guiding light of your sexuality or you will end up lost, confused and unhappy.



Our examples of The Pulsating Powerhouse of Passion include three dynamic women.· The French writer known as Colette (born Jan. 28, 1873 adb) gained fame as the author of erotic fiction. Then she moved to mime and music hall performances that were equally provocative. Flagrantly bisexual, she became the constant companion of an aristocratic lesbian. Later she returned to writing and men, and remained both creatively and sexually active into her old age.·

Helen Gurley Brown (born Feb. 18, 1922 adb) created a stir in the early 1960s with her book Sex and the Single Girl which proclaimed that it was okay for a single woman to be sexually active. She continued to propound this philosophy through the 70s, 80s and 90s as the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. In the meantime she has remained happily and faithfully married.··


Then we have novelist (The Fountainhead) and fervent anti-communist Ayn Rand (born Feb. 2, 1905 wik.) Born in Russian, Rand came to this country and began her career as a screenwriter in Hollywood. There she met and wed a handsome actor. Years later, when she was famous and the head of an institute devoted to her ideas, Rand began an affair with one of her most fervent young devotees. Their trysts occurred regularly according to a plan laid out by Rand. Her husband was instructed to take a walk. When her boyfriend fell in love with a girl his own age and withdrew from the affair, Rand banned him from her organization, accusing him of immorality and treachery. She maintained a violent animosity toward her ex-lover for the rest of her life.

Other examples include British actress Jason Bateman (born Jan. 14, 1969 wik) Vanessa Redgrave (born Jan. 30, 1937 adb) two musicians famous for their originality: grunge rock martyr Kurt Cobain (born Feb. 20, 1967 adb) and glam rock icon Marilyn Manson (born Jan. 5, 1969 wik.) Don't these other examples make you wonder what our last example and the "father of our country" George Washington (born Feb. 22, 1732 adb) was up to?

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