If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Gemini

you are . . .

The Impish Powerhouse of Passion

You are a smartest of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers; a cool, insightful player with a devastating combination of wit and sex appeal. At times it seems that you are able manipulate relationships and people with ease, but then comes the great passion, the sexual infatuation that overthrows all your plans and upsets all your clever games. Suddenly, you can’t think straight, your gift for gab deserts you and all you can do is hope that the object of this intense and inescapable passion is more trustworthy than you have been.

The good news is that this capitulation to your deeply emotional and obsessive sexual nature is not always a bad course. Quite often it allows you to connect with your instincts, with the gut feelings that have so much to tell you about your relationships. Once you stop trying to be smarter than everyone else and start trusting those irrational and uncontrollable passions you will find that the end to which they are driving you is actually much closer to happiness than you would have thought possible.



Our first example of this combination is someone who definitely succumbed to the obsessive side of Mars in Scorpio. Clara Bow (born July 29, 1905 adb) escaped dire poverty when she won, through a contest, a part in a Hollywood movie. She quickly became known as the “it” girl of silent films, “it” being sex appeal, and she lived up to this calling in everyway. Insecure and pursued by demons from her past, Bow took sex as a crutch and her countless liaisons became the stuff of legends. Burned out by the age of 25, Bow found that her silent screen sexiness did not carry over into the sound era. She retired from films, married and had two sons but her mental health remained a problem until her death.

Another example of The Impish Powerhouse of Passion is the Dutch painter Rembrandt Van Rijn (born July 15, 1606 adb.) Rembrandt got his painting career off to a good start by marrying a rich woman but his fascination with his bride went far beyond her money. Rembrandt painted his wife over and over, using her short, pudgy body to portray all the great beauties of classical and biblical literature. When his wife died, Rembrandt’s career went into a tail spin. He was saved from absolute collapse by another woman, a housekeeper who became his mistress and the new object of his sexual fascination. Soon her body, rendered with loving truthfulness, became the aging painter’s epitome of feminine beauty.·

Other examples of this type include comedian Bill Cosby (born July 12, 1937 adb) and actresses Isabella Rosselini (born June 18, 1952 adb) and Carol Kane (born June 18, 1952 adb.)

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