If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Earnest Powerhouse of Passion

There is a gritty realism about your approach to sex that leaves little room for the emotional and transforming elements of your sexuality. You take your strong and very physical sex drive at face value and refuse to see it as any thing more mystical than simple lust. Of course, there are times when you have to admit that the relationships you forge through this animal lust have psycho-sexual dynamics that go much deeper and last much longer than the desire of the moment. You admit it, but you prefer not to talk about it.

One odd feature of your sexuality is your tendency to mix your physical pleasure with misery. It is as if you can’t really appreciate the good stuff unless there is some impediment, some problem or some painful element to put your pleasurable moments in perspective. For this reason you are prone to have partners who bring hard luck stories and various troubles into the relationship. It is not that you’re particularly sympathetic or helpful. You just need their pain in order to make sex seem worth while.



Our celebrity examples of this type include heiress Doris Duke (born Nov. 22, 1912 adb.) Tall, with angular features that were more imposing than pretty, Duke was frequently warned as a child that no one would marry her except for the millions of dollars she stood to inherit from her dad. Her first husband did just that, though he didn’t inform Duke of this fact until after the wedding. Her second husband, a noted playboy, was obviously doing the same thing though Duke somehow failed to notice until in came time to file for divorce. After this, Duke went through several lovers growing more and more mistrustful and miserable with each affair. Apparently, no one bothered to tell her about self-fulfilling prophecies. She died alone and her butler was left as executor of her billion dollar estate.

A happier example of The Earnest Powerhouse of Passion is the novelist Henry Miller (born Dec. 26, 1891 adb.) Miller’s sexually frank novels were banned in the U.S. for most of his lifetime. They present image of the author as a hyper-sexed, happy-go-lucky rogue. In fact, Miller played a much more passive role in his most significant relationships. His relationship with his great love, June Mansfield, for example was clearly obsessive and he was bound to his famous lover, Anaïs Nin, by her wealth and his abject poverty.·

·Other examples are the actor Rock Hudson (born Nov. 17, 1925 adb,) who became Hollywood’s quintessential leading man even though he was privately a very active homosexual,·radio personality Howard Stern (born Jan. 12, 1954 wik,) actor Danny De Vito (born Nov. 17, 1944 adb) and U.S. Senator and assassinated presidential candidate Robert Kennedy (born Nov. 20, 1925 adb.)

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