If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Pushy Powerhouse of Passion

The bad news first; you are one of the least subtle of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers and your attempts at using your sexuality as a means to dominate are likely to be clumsy, bombastic and, in the end, ineffective. Your biggest problem is a lack of patience. For most Mars in Scorpio people sex is a time-consuming activity in which erotic sensibilities are allowed to simmer slowly in a thick stew of emotional meaning and physical delight, but you are just too impulsive and too horny for such drawn out processes. You need your pleasure now.

Now the good news; you are one of the most active Lovers of this type. You are not content to just sit back and observe passion. You go out, find it and make it your own. You like challenges in your relationships—new experiences, aggressive partners and the spice of a good fight. This keeps your sexual instincts sharp and helps you resist the temptation to sink into redundant sensuality. In a nutshell, you are the most alert, dynamic and courageous of all the Mars in Scorpio Lovers. So why should you have to wait?



Our celebrity examples of The Pushy Powerhouse of Passion include porn star Marilyn Chambers (born April 22, 1952 wik.) Chambers starred in an early “big budget” porn movie called Behind the Green Door. Previous to this she had modeled for ads for Ivory Snow detergent as a representative of all-American purity and her blond good-looks carried over to her new work quite well. After Behind the Green Door, Chambers performed in a host of adult films and did live sex shows under the direction of her new husband, Chuck Traynor. In her later work Chambers’ displayed a disturbing capacity for masochistic sex featuring whips, candle wax and other acts that explored the borders between pain and pleasure.·

·Another interesting example of this type is the R&B singer Bobby Brown (born Feb. 5, 1969 adb.) Though Brown was considered a rising star in the 1980s he is now best known for his drug abuse, his assorted jail sentences and his rock-em-sock-em, dysfunctional, 14 year marriage to Whitney Houston. The marriage of basketball player Tony Parker ( May 17, 1982 wik) to actress Eva Longoria, on the other hand, seemed remarkably happy until it exploded after allegations of his infidelity.

Both these examples represent Mars in Scorpio people who let sex and the power of their sexual passions get the best of them. Some more controlled examples include actor Henry Fonda (born May 16, 1905 adb,) painter Auguste Renoir (born Feb. 25, 1841 adb,) famous for his fluffy female nudes, and actress Jennifer Aniston (Feb. 11, 1969 wik.)

Another more controlled example is the opera legend Enrico Caruso (born Feb. 27, 1873 adb.) Though Caruso was known as an incurable flirt and was once arrested in Central Park for pinching the behind of an unknown woman, he remained stubbornly loyal to his long time paramour· Ada Giachetti, who was ten years his senior. It was only after she left him for a still younger man that Caruso began the take advantage of the avid female fans who gathered around his dressing room door.··

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