If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Extraordinary Powerhouse of Passion

You are the most idealistic of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers and in some way this doubles your sexual power. The mingling of sex and big ideas gives you a sex appeal that goes beyond the personal and adds high purpose and objectivity to your desires. You are a challenging and inspirational Lover and you bring out the best of the people who love you. Of course, you are also an exacting and judgmental Lover and your treatment of those who reject your ideals can be cold and quite ruthless.

You are often torn between the power of sex and the power of ideas. You need the physical and emotional charge that you get from sex but the complexity and lack of perspective that comes with those intense experiences makes you nervous. You long for a sexual experience that is clear, transcendent and somehow serves the greater good of humanity although, while you wait for this super-human encounter, you are generally willing to partake freely of the ordinary sex that seems to always be available to you here on earth.



Our celebrity examples of The Extraordinary Powerhouse of Passion include Mao Zedong (born Dec. 26, 1893 adb.) Mao was married in his twenties to a young woman who shared in communist ideals and zeal for revolution but when his wife was captured by the Chinese nationalist Mao began keeping company, and having children with another young woman. When Mao’s first wife was executed he made this woman his second. As Mao’s prestige rose within the Chinese communist party, his second wife became more and more antagonistic with him and, finally, he had her locked away in a Russian mental institution. Mao next married an actress with a shadowy past who was universally disliked by Mao’s aides. For twenty years Mao’s third wife begged for “useful’ work within the party and when Mao finally gave it to her she helped begin the “cultural revolution” that ripped through Chinese society during the 60s. Mao quietly allowed this new revolution to unfold and then, shortly before his death, he coolly reined in his wife and her cohorts.

Other examples of this type include Queen Christina of Sweden (born Dec. 8, 1626 adb.) Raised as a boy and mannish in her appearance, Queen Christina was probably bisexual. She showed more interest in the arts and the ideas of the enlightenment than in ruling her country and had no interest at all in marrying and producing an heir. She abdicated her throne at the age of 28 and, to the horror of her Protestant subjects, converted to Catholicism.· Also in the group we have talk show host and activist Oprah Winfrey (born Jan. 29, 1954 adb,) British writer Douglas Adams (born March 11, 1952 adb,) author of A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, singer Taylor Swift (born Dec. 13, 1989 wik,) actress and model Olivia Wilde (born Mar. 10, 1984 wik) and the reclusive New Age mystic Carlos Castanedea (born Dec. 25, 1925 adb.)

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