If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Libidinous Love Child

You are the most skittish and inconsistent of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers. Sometimes you run away from sex, love, and commitment liked a scared puppy. Other times you go charging at all three with rapacious abandon. You possess a very strong and physical sex drive but you are often too nervous to put it to good use. At your worst you will favor expedience over quality in your sexual experiences and waste your time pursuing the partner who is convenient when you should be working toward getting the partner you deserve.

At your best, however, you are also a very resourceful and attentive Lover who makes mistakes but seldom repeats them. If you are given time to sit back and analyze the sexual comedy, you can overcome your nervousness and impatience and become a very skilled and eager practitioner of the art. With a little luck, you will to find a strong partner who understands both your earthy needs and your idealistic reserve. In the right hands you can be the best kind of Lover—someone physical enough to please the body, innocent enough to replenish the soul and wise enough to understand the difference between the two.



Our celebrity examples of The Libidinous Love Child include the irrepressible Jerry Lee Lewis (born Sept. 29, 1935 adb.) Lewis, known for his manic piano playing, has shown a singular penchant for marrying in haste. He was married twice while he was still in his teens and he took his third wife several months before his divorce from his second was finalized. It was this third wife that caused Lewis the most trouble. His bride was his 13 year-old first cousin and when this information slipped out to the press it almost ended Lewis’ then burgeoning career, but “the Killer” remained unbowed. The marriage later ended in divorce and was followed by more impulsive unions.·

Another example of this type noted for her ill-advised romantic choices is Lynnette “Squeaky” Fromme (born Oct. 22, 1948 adb,) a wayward girl from the suburbs who fell in love with Charles Manson and continued to worship him even after he was put in jail for murder. Fromme was imprisoned for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Perhaps the most unconventional example of this type is the porn star Annie Sprinkle (born July 23, 1954 wik,) Sprinkle began her career in the early days of porn when movies were still shown in theaters. Her enthusiasm for her work was such that she would go to venues showing her films and give member of the audience the chance to experience her talents in the flesh. Later, however, Sprinkle used her wit and her capacity for laughing at herself to cross over into conceptual art with a feminist slant.·

Other examples of this combination include opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti (born Oct. 12, 1935 adb) American novelist Stephen Crane (born Nov. 1, 1871 adb) and the “outed” former New Jersey governor James McGreevey (born Aug. 6, 1957 wik.)

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