If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Grand Liberator

You are a flamboyant Lover who feels that there is no joy in breaking the rules unless everyone notices. Your charm, warmth and generosity make you a very desirable partner and you are capable of flashes of the most intense passion. However, it is always the intellectual side of love that is most likely to hold you. For you, sex is a great way to get attention, particularly from the people you really like, but it’s sincere and lasting friendship that really turns you on.

You are one of the most controlling of the Mars in Aquarius Lovers but this isn’t saying a lot. It’s pride, not power that drives your need to dominate. So as long as your partner appears to defer to you and treats you with respect, you are not apt to worry about who’s really in charge. You become a bully, a fearsome one at that, only when you think you’re being taken for granted or otherwise denigrated but, even then, you prefer to use charm and persuasion to get back to your rightful place.



Our examples of The Grand Liberator include the writer Truman Capote (born Sept. 30, 1924. adb) A tiny, effeminate man who had spent his earliest years in a home dominated by women, there was never any doubt as to Capote’s sexual orientation. In his youth he prided himself on his ability to seduce “straight” men and as he got older he liked to brag about having sex with various celebrities. Despite his flamboyance, for most of his life Capote was in a stable relationship with another writer. It was only when this relationship began to wither that Capote became truly promiscuous. By this time Capote was rich enough and famous enough that he could count on plenty of casual partners. His treatment of these men was often childish and mean. Meanwhile, the writer’s block that had set in after the publication of his masterpiece, In Cold Blood, continued and Capote sought further refuge from his troubles in booze and pills.

Other examples of The Grand Liberator are actress Lauren Bacall (born Sept. 16, 1924 adb,) NASCAR star Jeff Gordon (born Aug. 4, 1971 adb,) tennis champion Pete Sampras (born Aug. 12, 1971 adb), actress (ER, Dr.Who) Alex Kingston (b. Mar. 11, 1963) and Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni (born Sept. 28, 1924 adb.) Famous for his roles in the films of Federic Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni, Mastroianni came to represent, in the minds of many, the consummate “Latin” lover despite the fact that he pointedly avoided playing such a role for American filmmakers. In his private life (which was rarely all that private) Mastroianni claimed he was on a quest to find the “perfect woman,” who apparently had to be someone other than his wife of 40 years. Despite the fact that his lovers included some of the most beautiful and alluring women of his time (such as Catherine Deneuve, Faye Dunaway and Jeanne Moreau) the great actor never seemed to find exactly what he was looking for.

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