If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio 

you are . . .

The Naughty Love Child

You are the least optimistic Mars in Sagittarius Lover. You expect no cleansing grace from love. You expect trouble and guilt and all the sticky emotional complexities that are the inevitable outcome of human entanglements. Yet, oddly enough, this touch of wisdom (or, in some cases, cynicism) makes you no less eager for adventure and you will tackle love at any opportunity, no matter how many times it kicks you in the face.

Unlike most Mars in Sagittarius Lovers, for you sex is more than a passionate flash in the pan. It is a real physical and emotional need that reaches deep down into your psyche. There is a dark edge to your sexuality and a potential for obsessive attachments. All this emotional depth and mystery makes you one of the most alluring Lovers of this type. It also makes you the most likely candidate for long-term commitment, once you understand that your natural taste for novelty and adventure are not going to satisfy your emotional needs.



Our celebrity examples of The Naughty Love Child include Montgomery Clift (born Oct. 17, 1920 adb.) Clift became a movie star playing sensitive, emotionally vulnerable characters. He also became a male sex symbol in the 1940s and 50s and dated some of he most beautiful women on Hollywood but, in reality, Clift was closeted and deeply conflicted homosexual. His most important relationships were with a few close friends to whom he was extremely loyal. After and automobile accident shattered his face, Clift and began a long, slow decline.

Another example is the Australian writer Katherine Mansfield (born Oct. 14, 1888 adb.) Famous for her short stories, Mansfield thrived in a bohemian literary circle in which “free love” was the order of the day. Like Clift, she was bisexual but her primary relationships were with men, in particular with fellow writer John Middleton Murry. Mansfield described her relationship with Murry as childlike and, apparently, sex was not a decisive factor in their union. Still, they remained a couple until Mansfield’s early death at 34.

Other examples of this type are mystery writer Agatha Christie (born Sept. 15, 1890 adb,) singer Ashley Simpson (born Oct. 3, 1984 wik) and the great French philosopher and satirist Voltaire (born Nov. 21, 1694 adb.) Two examples of a much darker sort are mass murderer Ted Bundy (born Nov. 24, 1946 adb) and crime boss “Lucky” Luciano (born Nov. 24, 1887 adb.)

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