If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The All Natural Love Child

You are the most innocent of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers and therefore you are often the most unrealistic. Sex has to be a seamless, shameless extension of your own joyous life force or otherwise it just can’t work for you. It has to be something you don’t think about, something that just happens. At times you can be so protective of this erotic ideal that you seem shy and standoffish. Even under the best of conditions this yearning for a free, totally open sexual experience will always make you a very difficult Lover to please.

In the long run, however, the actual experience of sex is less important to you than the pursuit of your ideal. This is why you should never consider abandoning your dream, even when the odds seem overwhelmingly against you. Love is based on friendship and, as far as you are concerned, finding a friend who shares your inspired and forever hopeful approach to sex is always the best case scenario. Yes, it may be impossible to find sexual purity in such a cynical and impure world but searching for it with the right partner is the next best thing.



Examples of The Natural Love Child start off with the English mathematician and writer Charles Dodgson (born Jan. 27, 1832 adb,) better known as Lewis Carroll. A bachelor professor, Dodgson became famous for the imaginative stories he devised for a girl named Alice Liddell. Dodgson’s fascination with children extended to taking nude photographs of them in his home but he adamantly maintained that his relationship with these children was “pure” and he refused to put aside his peculiar hobby even when family and friends warned him of the implications.

Other examples include another writer better known under his pen name, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) (born Nov. 30, 1835 adb.) Little is known about Clemen’s sex life before age 34 but his experience could not have been extensive. At that time he was lucky enough to marry a woman whom he adored and continued to adore until she died 35 years later. Comedian George Burns (born Jan. 20, 1896 wik) had a similar stroke of luck when he teamed up with Gracie Allen. Along with becoming one of the most memorable comedy duos in show business history, the couple had a long and happy marriage despite the fact that Burns was constantly unfaithful.·

 Also in this group we have baseball star Joe Dimaggio (born Nov. 25, 1914 adb,) known for his brief and none too happy marriage to Marilyn Monroe and political writer and conservative polemist Ann Coulter (born Dec. 8, 1961 wik.)

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