If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Luscious Love Child

Your sexual nature is almost too fragile for real life. You are so sensitive and emotionally vulnerable that almost everything you do in your love life has the potential of leaving you deeply hurt and uncertain. For this reason you look for strong willed partners who promise to protect you or at least provide a measure of consistency in your volatile erotic life. Oddly enough, even though you are by far the most changeable and restless Lover of this type, you are also the most likely candidate for an enduring and stable relationship.

Despite the fact that your approach to sex is essentially passive, no one should take your easy-going erotic nature for granted. You are a very unpredictable Lover, always capable of shooting off in a new direction or answering the call to a new adventure. Thanks to your undeniable sexual allure, trouble has a way of finding you even when you seem most sedate and under control. You expect and deeply need loyalty and steadfastness from your Beloved but your constancy is never quite as certain.



Our examples of The Luscious Love Child include the writer Jack Kerouac (born Mar. 12, 1922 adb.)· Kerouac is celebrated as the grand master of the free and easy “Beat” generation but his personal life was fairly conventional. He bumbled his way in and out of two short marriages and, despite numerous sexual encounters with prostitutes and other women, he was generally shy and passive in his dealings with the opposite sex.Through it all, the most important relationship in is life remained his friendship with another Mars in Sagittarius Lover, Neal Cassady who, as the hero of On the Road, represented Kerouac’s ideal of freedom and defiance of convention.

Other examples include actor John Travolta (born Feb. 18, 1954 adb,) comedian and political satirist Bill Maher (born Jan. 20, 1956 adb,) heiress Patty Hearst (born Feb. 20, 1954 adb,) who was kidnapped, brain-washed and made a member of a terrorist cell, actress Geena Davis (born Jan. 21, 1956 adb) and child actor and film-maker Ron Howard (born March 1, 1954 adb.)

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