If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Starry-eyed Love Child

You take love to a higher level. You harness all the Mars in Sagittarius energy and fire and combine it with a romantic dream of perfection. This optimism makes you a gloriously enthusiastic Lover who looks for something sacred and beautiful in every act of love. But that same faith in love can also make you behave in ways that are wildly reckless and unwise. Even when you look before you leap, you never see anything but the good stuff.

You are perhaps the one Lover of this type who values companionship over freedom. You need one partner—someone toward whom you can channel all your warmth, all your passion, and all your grand hopes for love. Unfortunately, once you establish this relationship, or think you have established it, the attention you give the other party is often sporadic and incomplete. The hard, tedious work of maintaining a relationship and making it grow does not appeal to you and you would like to believe that relationships can take care of themselves. Experience, painful experience, will soon teach you otherwise.



Celebrity examples of The Starry-eyed Love Child include the playwright Oscar Wilde (born Oct. 16, 1854 adb,) who left his wife and two children at home while he went off in search of artistic excellence and pretty boys. He found plenty of both and, as a result, became famous as a writer and a wit and infamous as a convicted pederast.·· Also in this category we have the French poet Arthur Rimbaud (born Oct. 20, 1854 adb,) who thought he had found his perfect love in his fellow poet, Paul Verlaine. The two enjoyed a tempestuous and occasionally violent affair that ended when the older poet shot Rimbaud.· The fiery red-headed actress Rita Hayworth (born Oct. 17, 1918 adb) had similar luck with relationships. After becoming the trophy wife of first Orson Welles and then Aly Khan, she married big band singer Dick Haymes who beat her and made free use of her fame and money to further his own ends.

Other examples of this type include both Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) (born Nov. 14, 1948 adb) and his son, Prince Harry (born Sept. 15, 1984 wik) and the diminutive actor Mickey Rooney (born Sept. 23, 1920 adb,) noted for his ability to get beautiful women to marry him (eight in total, including the bewitching Ava Gardner) and bed many more.· A much less profligate example was actor (Superman) and horseman Christopher Reeve (born Sept. 25, 1952 adb.) The child of a broken home and with one failed marriage of his own, Reeve had little faith in matrimony until he met his second wife, Dana, who not only showed him how to love but stuck by him after he was horribly injured after a fall from his horse. Included here we also have actor Ryan Gosling (born Nov. 12, 1980 wik.)

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