If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Legendary Love Child

You are always trying to stay one step ahead of your own sexuality—no mean feat considering how dynamic that sexuality is. It’s not that you’re opposed to having fun, but your sexual enjoyment is closely tied to your ability to maintain control of the surging and uninhibited energy your Mars in Sagittarius sexual nature. You have to have just the right situation before you can fully release this erotic fireball, and your iron-clad determination to wait for such a situation can make you seem cold and aloof.

What happens when you find that special set of circumstances? Well, it’s not a situation for the faint of heart. At such times you become one with your instincts; a true child of nature unmindful of obstacles or convention. You are not a sensualist. You are less interested in physical pleasure than the excitement of the experience. But you pursue that experience with single-minded glee and a glorious sense of purpose. In fact, it’s probably a good thing you have to wait for just the right time to release your sexual energy. If it were a 24 hour-a-day phenomena, they’d have to lock you up.



Our most notable example of The Legendary Love Child is the Swedish born actress Greta Garbo (born Sept 18, 1905 adb.) Garbo maintained a famous silence about her personal life so it is hard to be definitive about her sexual activity. It was generally assumes that she was having an affair with one of her early leading men, John Gilbert, since the two lived together for a time. Lesbian writer Mercedes Acosta wrote of a six week idyll with the actress in a mountain cabin and produced a photograph of a bare-breasted Garbo posing amid the evergreens as proof. Photographer Cecil Beaton maintained a life long fascination with Garbo and claimed that she initiated sex with him on several occasions. But Gilbert was an alcoholic, Acosta was a liar and Beaton was primarily a homosexual so these stories can’t be accepted without question. All that is known for sure is that Garbo spent latter half of her life either with a few intimate (and very rich) friends or alone and she seemed to like it that way.

Other examples of this type included both Dweezil (born Sept. 5, 1969 adb) and Moon Unit Zappa (Sept. 28, 1967 adb,) two off-spring of Frank Zappa and members of Hollywood royalty, France's “Sun King,” Louis X1V (born Sept. 5, 1638 wik) and painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (born July 16, 1796 adb.) Also in this category we have the murderer Andrew Cunanan (born Aug. 31, 1969 adb.) Cunanan was an openly gay young man who became star-struck after a chance meeting with the designer Gianni Versace. Later, Cunanan dappled in male prostitution but his relationships with the two older men who supported him for a time were mostly about his charm and sense of style. When the last of these sponsors dropped Cunanan and he was in desperate financial and emotional distress, the young hustler flew to Minneapolis to see an past lover. He violently killed his ex-boyfriend and began a murder spree that ended in Miami when Cunanan committed suicide shortly after he had shot and killed the unsuspecting Versace.

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