If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Gemini

you are . . .

The Laughing Love Child

You are the Mars in Sagittarius Lover who never wants to settle down. It’s not that you don’t love with fiery enthusiasm. It’s just that you can’t maintain that intensity for very long and, without the intensity, you quickly lose interest in the relationship. You are an adventurous, uninhibited Lover, endlessly curious about sex and always eager for new experiences. You are very flexible and you can find a way to have flirtatious fun in almost any situation. In fact, the only thing that is sure to dampen your passion is any hint that you might have to be responsible for your actions.

You are a Lover who often loves best without sex. Sex complicates love and sometimes makes it difficult for you to express the warmth and high-minded sympathy that is at the core of your erotic nature. Your best approach to sex is offhand and casual. When sex is not the aim of the relationship—when it comes to you unbidden, perhaps even by surprise—you are not only more likely to enjoy it, you are also more likely to find a reason to stick around afterward.



Since is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we only have three examples. Two were born on the same day: Rick Fox (born July 24, 1969 adb) basketball star, actor and former husband of Vanessa Williams, and the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969 wik.) While Lopez’s talents as a dancer, singer and actress along with her shrewd business sense have made her a very rich woman, she became better known in the 1990s for her high-profile love affairs with Sean Combs and Ben Affleck and for two failed marriages.Her third marriage with singer Marc Anthony seemed stable for a while but not seems destined to end in divorce.

Our third example of The Laughing Love Child is the noted short story writer and novelist Katherine Porter (born May 15, 1890 wik.) Porter’s first ambition was to become an actress but she found that, at least for her, writing required less work. She breezed through four marriages and several love affairs, often leaving her lovers suddenly and without warning. Her last marriage was to a 26 year-old who was shocked when he learned that his new bride was pushing 50.·

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