If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Levelheaded Love Child

You are a serious dreamer who looks for more from love than an unorganized play date. You need to be perceived as dependable, even self-sacrificing by the person you love. The problem is that, despite the promises you make and the very real obligations you feel toward your Beloved, you still have that Mars in Sagittarius yearning for freedom and independence. Working out a compromise between these conflicting desires will be difficult but you are too serious about your relationships not to find a way.

You are usually forced to accept a degree of dissatisfaction in your sex life. The sex that satisfies your considerable physical drives will likely leave the idealistic side of you sexual nature feeling unfulfilled while the relationships that answer your desire for purity and innocence will leave your physical side feeling denied. Looking for satisfaction in both realms could involve living a double life or, at least, telling a lot of lies. So the only option left open for you is often committing yourself fully to one side and taking what you can get for the other.



Celebrity examples of The Levelheaded Love Child include actress Faye Dunaway (born Jan. 14, 1941 adb,) actor Bradley Cooper (Jan. 5, 1975,) singer Neil Diamond (born Jan. 24, 1941 adb) and actress Denise Richards (born Feb. 17, 1971 wik,) most remembered for her white hot performance in the sexy thriller Wild Things and for her marriage and acrimonious divorce from Charlie Sheen.·Also in this group we have mystery writer and political activist Rita Mae Brown (born Nov. 28, 1944 adb.) Brown, who was paired with tennis star Martina Navratilova for a time, is an outspoken lesbian but not an advocate of gay marriage, asserting that marriage is a bad idea regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

Other examples include the French novelist Andre Gide (born Nov. 22, 1869 adb,) whose novels often deal with questions of morality. When Gide was only 12 he fell in love with his cousin and he eventually married her. The couple was very close but, by mutual consent, abstained from sex. Gide diverted himself with homosexual liaisons, in particular during his frequent travels across Europe and North Africa. When Gide reached middle age his feelings of guilt at deceiving his very religious wife overwhelmed him and he confessed to her. Despite their emotional bond, his confession shattered the marriage and caused Gide to write Corydon, a literary defense of homosexuality.·

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