If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Pulsating Powerhouse of Passion


There is an oceanic quality about your sexuality that tends to sweep people up and carry them very far from where they thought they were going to be. You don’t have to issue edicts or bully in order to dominate a relationship. You do it simply with the power of your emotions and the acuity of your psychological insights. This is not necessarily a bad quality. As long as your aim is love, the people who surrender themselves to your emotional steamroller have nothing to fear or to complain about. You are an extremely affectionate and sexy Lover. You just have to be mindful of the power you possess.

The problems come when love ceases to be you aim. Because your feelings are so strong and so subjective there is little middle ground in your emotional life and love can quickly change into hate, jealousy, remorse and a thousand other negative emotions. Moreover, your obsessions are so powerful that they sometimes seem to alter reality; not just for you but for your Beloved and your judgments can become strangely skewed and unreliable. For you, more than any other Lover, love has to be the guiding light of your sexuality or you will end up lost, confused and unhappy.



Our examples of The Pulsating Powerhouse of Passion include three dynamic women.· The French writer known as Colette (born Jan. 28, 1873 adb) gained fame as the author of erotic fiction. Then she moved to mime and music hall performances that were equally provocative. Flagrantly bisexual, she became the constant companion of an aristocratic lesbian. Later she returned to writing and men, and remained both creatively and sexually active into her old age.·

Helen Gurley Brown (born Feb. 18, 1922 adb) created a stir in the early 1960s with her book Sex and the Single Girl which proclaimed that it was okay for a single woman to be sexually active. She continued to propound this philosophy through the 70s, 80s and 90s as the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. In the meantime she has remained happily and faithfully married.··


Then we have novelist (The Fountainhead) and fervent anti-communist Ayn Rand (born Feb. 2, 1905 wik.) Born in Russian, Rand came to this country and began her career as a screenwriter in Hollywood. There she met and wed a handsome actor. Years later, when she was famous and the head of an institute devoted to her ideas, Rand began an affair with one of her most fervent young devotees. Their trysts occurred regularly according to a plan laid out by Rand. Her husband was instructed to take a walk. When her boyfriend fell in love with a girl his own age and withdrew from the affair, Rand banned him from her organization, accusing him of immorality and treachery. She maintained a violent animosity toward her ex-lover for the rest of her life.

Other examples include British actress Jason Bateman (born Jan. 14, 1969 wik) Vanessa Redgrave (born Jan. 30, 1937 adb) two musicians famous for their originality: grunge rock martyr Kurt Cobain (born Feb. 20, 1967 adb) and glam rock icon Marilyn Manson (born Jan. 5, 1969 wik.) Don't these other examples make you wonder what our last example and the "father of our country" George Washington (born Feb. 22, 1732 adb) was up to?

If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Extraordinary Powerhouse of Passion

You are the most idealistic of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers and in some way this doubles your sexual power. The mingling of sex and big ideas gives you a sex appeal that goes beyond the personal and adds high purpose and objectivity to your desires. You are a challenging and inspirational Lover and you bring out the best of the people who love you. Of course, you are also an exacting and judgmental Lover and your treatment of those who reject your ideals can be cold and quite ruthless.

You are often torn between the power of sex and the power of ideas. You need the physical and emotional charge that you get from sex but the complexity and lack of perspective that comes with those intense experiences makes you nervous. You long for a sexual experience that is clear, transcendent and somehow serves the greater good of humanity although, while you wait for this super-human encounter, you are generally willing to partake freely of the ordinary sex that seems to always be available to you here on earth.



Our celebrity examples of The Extraordinary Powerhouse of Passion include Mao Zedong (born Dec. 26, 1893 adb.) Mao was married in his twenties to a young woman who shared in communist ideals and zeal for revolution but when his wife was captured by the Chinese nationalist Mao began keeping company, and having children with another young woman. When Mao’s first wife was executed he made this woman his second. As Mao’s prestige rose within the Chinese communist party, his second wife became more and more antagonistic with him and, finally, he had her locked away in a Russian mental institution. Mao next married an actress with a shadowy past who was universally disliked by Mao’s aides. For twenty years Mao’s third wife begged for “useful’ work within the party and when Mao finally gave it to her she helped begin the “cultural revolution” that ripped through Chinese society during the 60s. Mao quietly allowed this new revolution to unfold and then, shortly before his death, he coolly reined in his wife and her cohorts.

Other examples of this type include Queen Christina of Sweden (born Dec. 8, 1626 adb.) Raised as a boy and mannish in her appearance, Queen Christina was probably bisexual. She showed more interest in the arts and the ideas of the enlightenment than in ruling her country and had no interest at all in marrying and producing an heir. She abdicated her throne at the age of 28 and, to the horror of her Protestant subjects, converted to Catholicism.· Also in the group we have talk show host and activist Oprah Winfrey (born Jan. 29, 1954 adb,) British writer Douglas Adams (born March 11, 1952 adb,) author of A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, singer Taylor Swift (born Dec. 13, 1989 wik,) actress and model Olivia Wilde (born Mar. 10, 1984 wik) and the reclusive New Age mystic Carlos Castanedea (born Dec. 25, 1925 adb.)

If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Inquiring Powerhouse of Passion

You are the most adventurous of the Mars in Scorpio Lovers and the one least likely to be in awe of your own sexuality. On the one hand, this makes you an alert and energetic Lover who knows how to make the most of his or her sexual allure. On the other this attitude leaves you unprepared when a relationship that you started just for fun suddenly morphs into a midnight obsession filled with emotional tangles and deep psycho-sexual implication. In situations such as this you may find yourself just as surprised at the power and dark weight of your sexuality as your partner is sure to be.

You are one of the few Mars in Scorpio Lovers who has trouble keeping a secret. In fact, the bluntness and lack of guilt with which you express your sexual needs might just pass for bragging. Some people may find this lack of reserve offensive but these people don’t interest you. The people who do are the ones you share your sense of adventure and your bold acceptance of even the darkest secrets of the human mind. With these people you show yourself to be a Lover of marvelous intensity and courage.



Celebrity examples of The Inquiring Powerhouse of Passion include Bela Lugosi (born Oct. 20, 1882 adb,) the Hungarian actor who made the character of Dracula his own. Lugosi’s sex appeal was evident even before he donned the famous tuxedo and cape and he was married five times, though only one of these unions lasted more that a couple of years. As a husband, Lugosi was demanding, jealous and controlling but he never lost his old world gallantry.·

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix (born Nov. 27, 1942 adb,) didn’t need a tuxedo in order to become known as a leading sex symbol of the 1960s. His electrifying performances and voracious sexual appetite were sufficient. Unlike Lugosi, Hendrix had no taste for marriage and he died a bachelor.· Other members of this group include television star turned health guru Suzanne Somers (born Oct. 16, 1946 adb,) feminist writer Germaine Greer (born Jan. 29, 1939 adb,) actor Jude Law (born Dec. 29, 1972 wik,) actor Ryan Reynolds (born Oct. 23, 1976 wik) and rocker Kid Rock (born Jan. 17, 1971 wik.)

Perhaps the most melodramatic example of this type is the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (born Nov. 4, 1946 adb.) Mapplethorpe spent much of his youth denying his homosexuality. He used his long friendship with androgynous Patti Smith as a cover. When they parted and he committed himself to a gay lifestyle Mapplethorpe chose the most extreme lifestyle he could imagine, becoming a devotee of leather bondage and sadomasochism and picking up random, most African-American, partners off the street. Meanwhile, under the sponsorship of a rich lover, Mapplethorpe career as a photographer prospered. Shortly before his death of A.I.D.S., a retrospective exhibit of Mapplethorpe’s photography toured the country. Along with the photos of flowers and classic nudes that had made him famous, the photographer insisted on including pictures depicting him and his friends involved in various sadomasochistic rituals. The exhibit created a furor in conservative quarters and left Mapplethorpe with a reputation as a sexual oddity that sometimes overshadows his artistic achievements.

If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Earnest Powerhouse of Passion

There is a gritty realism about your approach to sex that leaves little room for the emotional and transforming elements of your sexuality. You take your strong and very physical sex drive at face value and refuse to see it as any thing more mystical than simple lust. Of course, there are times when you have to admit that the relationships you forge through this animal lust have psycho-sexual dynamics that go much deeper and last much longer than the desire of the moment. You admit it, but you prefer not to talk about it.

One odd feature of your sexuality is your tendency to mix your physical pleasure with misery. It is as if you can’t really appreciate the good stuff unless there is some impediment, some problem or some painful element to put your pleasurable moments in perspective. For this reason you are prone to have partners who bring hard luck stories and various troubles into the relationship. It is not that you’re particularly sympathetic or helpful. You just need their pain in order to make sex seem worth while.



Our celebrity examples of this type include heiress Doris Duke (born Nov. 22, 1912 adb.) Tall, with angular features that were more imposing than pretty, Duke was frequently warned as a child that no one would marry her except for the millions of dollars she stood to inherit from her dad. Her first husband did just that, though he didn’t inform Duke of this fact until after the wedding. Her second husband, a noted playboy, was obviously doing the same thing though Duke somehow failed to notice until in came time to file for divorce. After this, Duke went through several lovers growing more and more mistrustful and miserable with each affair. Apparently, no one bothered to tell her about self-fulfilling prophecies. She died alone and her butler was left as executor of her billion dollar estate.

A happier example of The Earnest Powerhouse of Passion is the novelist Henry Miller (born Dec. 26, 1891 adb.) Miller’s sexually frank novels were banned in the U.S. for most of his lifetime. They present image of the author as a hyper-sexed, happy-go-lucky rogue. In fact, Miller played a much more passive role in his most significant relationships. His relationship with his great love, June Mansfield, for example was clearly obsessive and he was bound to his famous lover, Anaïs Nin, by her wealth and his abject poverty.·

·Other examples are the actor Rock Hudson (born Nov. 17, 1925 adb,) who became Hollywood’s quintessential leading man even though he was privately a very active homosexual,·radio personality Howard Stern (born Jan. 12, 1954 wik,) actor Danny De Vito (born Nov. 17, 1944 adb) and U.S. Senator and assassinated presidential candidate Robert Kennedy (born Nov. 20, 1925 adb.)

If you have Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Ultimate Powerhouse of Passion

You and sex have a special relationship. Sometimes your sexuality is your greatest adversary, something you struggle with night and day. It gets the best of you as often as you get the best of it, but winning and losing is less important than the struggle. Other times your sexuality is your greatest friend. It provides you with a phenomenal, almost supernatural, store of physical energy and psychological intensity that cannot be confined just to your sex life. Lovemaking represents only a small part of your sexual power, although it may well be your favorite part.

Sex is such an overwhelming issue in your life that it is sometimes difficult for you to focus all that power on any one partner. In some instances, the partner may even become superfluous because you are so busy wrestling with your own inner demons. At your worst, this self-involvement over-shadows the emotional warmth and sensuality of your sexual nature and makes you seem domineering and ruthless. At your best, your inner struggles make you a stronger, more confident and more purposeful Lover.



Our examples of The Ultimate Powerhouse of Passion include some very strong willed people. At the top of this list we have Mohandas Gandhi (born Oct. 2, 1869 adb.) Pursuing a course of non-violent protest, Gandhi eventually brought about the liberation of India from British rule. In the context of his marriage, however, Gandhi was less revolutionary. In his youth his belief in male dominance caused him to rape his wife when she was in the later months of pregnancy. Later Gandhi found out that his father died just as he was engaging in this matrimonial rape and he felt guilty for the rest of his life. At 37 Gandhi renounced sex, deciding that the only way to master his animal passions was absolute chastity. There is no word on how his wife felt about this. Gandhi was in his 70s before he felt that he had totally eliminated lust from his thoughts and fantasies. At this time he began “testing” his chastity by sleeping nude with his young female followers. Apparently the Mahatma was so delighted with his mastery of his sexual urges that he keep “testing” himself over and over.

Other strong-willed examples include the religious leader Martin Luther (born Nov. 19, 1483 adb.) One of the first things Luther did after he renounced his vows as a monk and broke with the Catholic Church was denounce the practice of celibacy. He fervently believed that marriage was the best cure for temptations of the flesh and he quickly proposed to an ex-nun who became his wife and the mother of his several children.·

· A different sort of strength of will in seen in examples such as martial arts expert and actor Bruce Lee (born Nov. 27, 940 adb) actress Susan Sarandon (born Oct. 4, 1946 adb.)

Examples who were less scrupulous about controlling their sexual demons include comedian Richard Pryor (born Dec. 1, 1940 adb,) actor Robert Blake (born Sept. 18, 1933 adb) who was lured into a ill-advised marriage to a con-artist named Bonnie Bakley and then tried for murder when she was shot· and famed pornographer, magazine publisher and first amendment activist Larry Flynt (born Nov. 1, 1942 adb,) who has made a career out flaunting “public decency” in any way he can.