If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Basically Scrumptious Lover

You are the least practical Mars in Virgo Lover and the most susceptible to the joys of the flesh. Sex is always an emotional, as well as a physical outlet for you and even the most passing flirtation carries with it tatters of feeling and unrealized dreams of ecstasy. The problem is that the last person to realize this deep connection between the physical and the psychological is often you. You  go along thinking sex a simple thing, all about sensation and physical pleasure when, in fact, you are weaving a web of emotional connections and psychological drama so complex and compelling that it entraps everyone within your reach.

On the positive side, few partners will object to being caught in your web. You are the sexiest and most alluring of all the Mars in Virgo Lovers as well as being the kindest and most agreeable. In fact, many may consider you the perfect Lover — a gentle, affable soul with a strong, earthy sex drive — but you are also a very delicate Lover and without the protection and adoration of a strong partner you are apt to slip into a cycle of physical over-indulgence and emotional pain and regret. For you sex without love can become both addictive and psychologically dangerous.



Our examples of The Basically Scrumptious Lover include actor William Holden (born April 17, 1918 adb.) Disappointed after his break-up with Audrey Hepburn, Holden vowed to sleep with at least one woman in every country he visited during his extensive travels. He apparently achieved this goal but found that Hepburn was not impressed.

Another example of this type noted for his sexual excesses was the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred “Fritz” Krupp (born Feb. 17, 1854 wik.) After inheriting a fortune created by his father’s arms manufacturing empire, Krupp abandoned his wife and made the island of Capri his private homosexual sex club. His wild parties became so flamboyant, with boys dressed a monks and canyons firing that accounts of them eventually reached the German press. With the scandal ready to break, Krupp suddenly died, officially of natural causes but likely a suicide.

A more contemporary example is the rock singer Alice Cooper (born Feb. 4, 1948 adb.) Cooper’s act mixed sex, horror and occultism with an outrageous knack for showmanship and made him a rock-and-roll icon of the madcap 1970s. Unfortunately, Cooper arrived at the end of his glory days a hopeless alcoholic. After a long struggle and with the help of his wife (whom he married in 1976) the venerable shock-rocker was able survive his addiction and watch as a whole new generation of musicians in make-up and leather appropriated his shtick.

Others examples include veteran British actor Michael Caine (born March 14, 1933 adb,) comedian and talk show host Jay Leno (born Apr. 28, 1950 adb,) actress Barbara Hershey (born Feb. 5, 1948 adb,) pop star Peter Frampton (born April 22, 1950 adb) and musician, producer and composer Quincy Jones (born March 14, 1933 adb.)

If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Basically Cool Lover

There is an intellectual quality about your sexuality and a tendency to examine both your own erotic urges and the sexual behavior of others with a keen but detached interest that often makes you appear less than fully involved in your love-making. However, your objectivity in no way diminishes your susceptibility to physical desire. If anything it makes you more open, inventive and unconventional in your pursuit of earthy delights. Of all the Mars in Virgo Lovers, you are the most independent and the most uninhibited.

This free-and-easy, anything-goes approach to sex may also makes it appear as though you are uninterested in commitment, but this is not true. Actually, what you want more than anything in your sex life is a sense of permanence and finality. You are looking for an ideal, a quintessential love that will satisfy both your intellectual curiosity and your physical needs. Your uninhibited, experimental approach to sex is not just about having fun. It’s about finding a relationship solid enough to make you want to stay.



Our celebrity examples of The Basically Cool Lover begin with Yoko Ono (born Feb. 18, 1933 adb.) Ono gained a degree of recognition on her own as a conceptual artist but she is best known for her controversial and unconventional union with John Lennon. Even though Ono has often been vilified because of her influence over her talented husband, no one can deny the fact that she became the focal point of his life and served as a muse to his genius.·

Another example, actor Ted Danson (born Dec. 29, 1947 adb) was not so “cool” when he appeared in blackface at a benefit for his girlfriend, Whoopi Goldberg. The couple split soon afterwards. Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka (born March 1, 1886 wik) found an original way of expressing his anger at being put aside by the famous beauty and collector of notable lovers, Alma Mahler. He had an anatomically correct doll made in her image and introduced it to his friends as his new “girlfriend.”

Other examples of this type are French novelist Gustave Flaubert (born Dec. 12, 1821 adb,) who, in Madame Bovary, created the literary world’s most famous adulteress. Both the character and the author were appropriately punished for their crimes. The fictional Madame Bovary committed suicide while Flaubert was hauled into a real life court and charged with obscenity. Other cool examples include hobo singer Tom Waits (born Dec. 7, 1949 adb) and actress Sissy Spacek (born Dec. 25, 1949 adb.)

If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Basically Bountiful Lover

You are an impulsive and extremely energetic Lover whose approach to sex is so straightforward and optimistic that you often find yourself misunderstood. People take you for an irrepressible bundle of pure animal passion and proceed to hide the breakables when you get in the mood for love. But in reality you are one of the most idealistic Mars in Virgo Lovers. You believe sex has a higher, more spiritual purpose. It’s just that these higher regions of loving can only be reached after a very thorough exploration of the more earthly levels.

Your sexual idealism can be either a great strength or a great weakness, depending on how you use it. On the positive side, it can help you see beyond the immediacy of your physical drives and allows you to apply your energy toward establishing an enduring and satisfying relationship. But on the negative side, this same idealism can cause you to segregate sex from love and force you into the disastrous assumption that the person who satisfies your physical needs cannot be the same one who will answer your need for love.



Our primary example of this type is the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin (Nov. 12, 1840 adb.) For more than half his life Rodin struggled to have his singular approach to sculpture recognized. During these years of hard work and poverty he was helped by a working class woman named Rose Beuret who began as his model and quickly became his mistress. Rose took care of Rodin’s domestic needs and lugged the ornamental sculptures he created to pay the bills around Paris to perspective patrons but Rodin never thought of marrying her. When he finally became famous Rodin began having affairs with younger, more upscale women. Several times during his remaining years one or another of these girlfriends threatened to take Rodin away from Rose but each time the artist returned to his long-suffering mistress. Finally, when both were near death, Rodin married Rose.

Other examples of The Basically Bountiful Lover are actor, director and producer Michael Landon (born Oct. 31, 1936 adb,) British actress Dame Judi Dench (born Dec. 9, 1934 wik) and the daredevil known for his motorcycle stunts, Evel Knievel (born Oct. 17, 1938 adb.) Writer Joan Didion (born Dec. 5, 1934 adb) is also has the combination of Mars and Venus. In A Year of Magical Thinking she gives an account of her life after the sudden death of her writing partner and husband of 40 years that matter-of-factly and beautifully describes the rending a singular spiritual union.

If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Basically Prudent Lover

You are the most realistic of this very practical group of Lovers. You see sex as a purely physical act and yet you are pragmatic enough to recognize that not everyone shares your no-nonsense approach. Your sex drive is very strong and you are a very sensual and, at times exhausting Lover, but you never let desire overwhelm your better judgment. No matter how much fun you are having, you always keep your wits about you.

Love can be problematic for you, not because you are incapable of such emotions but because your expressions of affection and devotions are so practical and realistic that they seem to reduce the magical state of being in love to the level of a mundane transaction. You show your love for a person by being useful to that person, and you expect your Beloved to do the same. For people who think love should come with hearts and flowers and effusions of emotions this “tit for tat” approach can seem dry and unromantic but these folks need to look at the effort you put into maintaining relationships. What you lack in romance you more than make up in work ethic.



Our examples of The Basically Prudent Lover include the screen legend Clark Gable (Feb. 1, 1901 adb.) Gable’s first wife was his acting teacher. After she helped him launch his career he moved on to a richer, more refined wife who helped him smooth some of the rough edges of his working class background. Once he was a famous Hollywood sex symbol his numerous infidelities ended this marriage and he took up with a tough-talking blond actress named Carole Lombard, also a Mars in Virgo Lover. Gable’s attachment to Lombard was genuine and when she died suddenly in a plane crash, he was devastated. He married again at the age of 48 but without much commitment. His fifth marriage produced a son, who was born a few months after Gable’s death at 59.

Other celebrity examples of this type are pop star Britney Spears (Dec. 2, 1981 wik,) who shocked many at the beginning of her career with sexually charged performances that some felt she was too young even to watch. Also in this group we have singer Bonnie Raitt (born Nov. 8, 1949 adb,) actors Jeff Bridges (born Dec. 4, 1949 adb) and Adam Brody (born Dec. 15, 1979 wik) and Monaco’s wayward royal, Princess Stephanie (born Feb. 1, 1965 adb.) One particularly interesting example of the non-judgmental practicality of this type is Adrienne Hirt (born Dec. 18, 1947 adb,) a therapist who helped people with sexual dysfunctions by acting as a sexual surrogate.

If you have Mars in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Basically Scandalous Lover

You are the sexiest Mars in Virgo Lover, the one who knows that there’s more to proper lovemaking than the pleasure of the moment. Your sensuality runs deep, touching the psychological roots of desire and the yearnings of the soul. You are always alert to your partner’s feelings and moods and you have a capacity for slow seduction that is rare in this type.  However, it is not how good you are that makes you such a desirable partner—it’s how bad you can be.

Sex is never quite as simple for you as it is for most Mars in Virgo Lovers. You see sex as a complex layering of desire, love and power. You don’t have to have power over your partner in order to enjoy sex but, with your irresistible sexual allure and your instinctive understanding the mechanisms of desire it is easy for you to achieve any level of control you want. There is a dark side to your sexual nature that sometimes lures you to use this power in a cruel and destructive fashion but, more often than not, this delicious hint of danger only serves to make you more attractive.



Our celebrity examples of this type include some very sexy and positive people such as television star (Desperate Housewives) Teri Hatcher (born Dec. 8, 1964 wik,) Australian born actor Hugh Jackman (born Oct. 12, 1968 wik) and American actor Matt Damon (born Oct. 8, 1970 adb.)

However, this group also includes some examples that are far less positive. First we have Shannon Wilsey, the porn star better known as Savannah (born Oct. 9, 1970 adb.) This beautiful blond was much in demand in the early 1990s even though her “acting” during sex scenes was remarkably unenthusiastic. She was also known for her wild love affairs with various rock stars. But when a car accident marred her face and the party seemed to ending, this dispondent young woman committed suicide. Then there is the British writer Norman Douglas (born Dec. 8, 1868 wik.) Into his mid 30s Douglas was known as a lady’s man who had steamy affairs all across Europe and only got married when, according to his own claim, he became bored with sex. Then he moved to the island of Capri and discovered boys. During the second half of his life all of Douglas’ sexual contacts were homosexual and his partners most often impoverished teenagers. Finally we have the career criminal and mass murderer Charles Manson (born Nov. 12, 1934 adb) who showed the world the very darkest side of Venus in Scorpio’s hypnotic sexual allure.