If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Zealous Liberator

You are a sexual zealot; a wild-eyed revolutionary in the arena of love. Your far-reaching enthusiasm and irrepressible optimism give you a charm that is undeniable, as well as an enormous capacity for making a mess of your love life. It’s not that you don’t think things out. All your escapades start as part of a grand plan—an exuberant dream of meaningful sex and larger-than-life love. But you have a way of pushing your fascinations to the farthest and most unrealistic extremes and this invariably leads to problems.

Fortunately you are gifted with enough erotic energy to weather almost any of the crash-and-burn scenarios that come your way. You have a wonderful capacity for recovering from your own folly and reinventing your desire. Still, you will always do best when you are paired with a partner who is smart enough to know when you are reaching too far and strong enough to make you stop and reconsider.



Our examples of The Zealous Liberator include three men who exemplified the “crash and burn” scenario though not necessarily in their sex lives. Plus sized comedian Chris Farley (born Feb. 15, 1964 adb) struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for most of his life, staying sober for extended periods only to slide back into his manic style of partying. Shortly before his death, Farley told his girlfriend that he had made a conscious decision not to be sober again and, from that point, there was no turning back.·

Before baseball great Pete Rose (born Apr. 14, 1941adb) became the all-time hit leader in the history of his sport, and long before the gambling and tax scandals that got him banned from baseball and jailed, Rose’s “Charlie Hustle” nickname was given a whole new meaning when a woman claimed he had fathered her illegitimate child. The claim was proven true and it put an abrupt end to Rose’s first marriage.·

Then we have U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (born Feb. 22, 1932 adb) for whom a wrong turn at a place called Chappaquidick resulted in the death of the young woman who was riding with him in the car and the end of· his own aspirations for higher political office.

A better illustration of what this sexual type is like may be the artist, designer and social activist William Morris (born March 24, 1834 adb.) As a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Morris absorbed the idealism and intense romanticism of that group and fell in love with one of the ethereal beauties that these artists favored as models. Morris’ courtship of this young woman, named Jane Burden, consisted of reading her great books. After they were married he continued to educate her. Jane proved to be an apt pupil but after the birth of their second child she grew tired of her husband’s idealism and his tireless advocacy of the “common” man and she began an affair one of Morris’s best friends. Morris not only acquiesced to the infidelity, he rented a cottage in the country where his wife and lover could meet. Morris remained in this sad and sexless marriage until he died.

Other examples include actor Matt Dillon (born Feb. 18, 1964 adb,) Tea-Party darling Sarah Palin (born Feb. 11, 1964 wik,) Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria (born Mar. 15, 1975 wik) and poet William Wordsworth (born April 7, 1770 adb.)

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