If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Temperamental Love Child

You have an obsessive approach to love that makes you both a Lover to be desired and a Lover to be dreaded. On the one hand you are very warm and sexy. You understand people better than most Mars in Sagittarius Lovers and you know how to make them feel loved. On the other hand, you are a wild and unrestrained Lover so hungry for experience and so possessed by a curiosity that you often seem intent on bashing your way from relationship to relationship unmindful of the damage that you are causing.

Of course, the big secret here is that beneath this brash aggressiveness you are really a very sensitive and vulnerable individual who feels every psychic cut with ten-fold intensity. This is one reason you’re often on the move—it keeps you from dwelling on the pain. Of course, this is also the reason you get away with so much. People respond to your emotional vulnerability and feel a need to protect and nurture you. You’ll stop your bashing around and become surprising sedate when you find a relationship in which you’re given all the security and protection you so desperately need.



Our celebrity examples of this type begin with the great Judy Garland (born June 10, 1922 adb.) A child star, Garland rushed into an early marriage in order to escape to domination of the mother and the studio. She continued escaping, through bad marriages, failed love affairs and drugs, for the rest of her life. Garland displayed an almost frenetic curiosity about sex and pursued it with all sorts of partners and with little thought to fidelity but the only embrace that seemed to quite her massive insecurities and need for approval was the adulation of her audience.

Other examples of The Temperamental Love Child include psychologist Carl Jung (born July 26, 1875 adb) and singer (New Kids on the Block) and actor Donnie Wahlberg (born Aug. 17, 1969 adb.). Also in this group we have the versatile actors Dustin Hoffman (born Aug. 8, 1937 adb) and Edward Norton (born Aug 18, 1969 adb,) along with the Viennese painter noted for his erotic nudes, Egon Schiele (born June 12, 1890 wik.) Schiele first nude model was his 12 year-old sister. Later he began living with and drawing a lanky redhead named Valerie “Wally” Neuzal. His drawing of her were so daring that the artist was arrested for leaving them where they could be viewed by neighborhood children. When Schiele decided to marry, however, he amicably split with Wally and found himself a more conservative, bourgeois wife.

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