If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Succulent Slave of Love

There is a sensitive, dreamy quality about your approach to love that somewhat belies your strong and very physical erotic appetites. You are the Mars in Capricorn Lover most in touch with your feelings. You require a sense of emotional commitment and security from your relationships and you have a weakness for glamour and fantasy in you sex life. Some people might even jump to the conclusion that you are a romantic but, beneath all this sweetness and frivolity, you still have a very practical and hard-nosed attitude toward sex.

Since you often appear shy and vulnerable, it is sometimes assumed that you are essentially a  passive Lover. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You generally control your relationships in very subtle ways, using emotional leverage and feelings of obligation and duty to get your way, but you can be much more direct when such measures are required. People who enter your fantasy world of love with expectations of a simple good time are often disappointed. There’s a lot of work to be done within that sexy dream world of yours and you expect it to be done well.



Three important pop musicians lead off our examples of The Succulent Slave of Love. First we have soul singer Marvin Gaye (born April 2, 1939 adb .) Gaye began his career singing love songs which often reflected his own troubles with women. He was first married to a woman 17 years his senior and then to a woman many years younger. Neither marriage could quell the inner demons that drove him to depression and drug use. His most significant relationship may have been with his partner on many of his most popular romantic duets, Tammi Terrell. Even though they were not lovers, Gaye claimed he fell in love with her every time they sang together. Her sudden death from a brain tumor was a blow from which Gaye never seemed to recover.·

Then we have George Harrison (born Feb. 24, 1943 adb) and Rod Stewart (born Jan. 10, 1945 adb,) who once said “Instead of getting married again, I’m just going to find a woman I don’t like and give hr a house.” This sentiment didn’t stop him from marrying for a third time.

Female examples of this group include Shannen Doherty (born Apr. 12, 1971 wik) and Queen Mary I of England (born Feb. 28, 1516 adb.)· Having survived the intrigues of the court of Henry VIII and watched as her father coldly replaced her mother, Katherine of Aragon, with the youthful Anne Boleyn, Mary took an understandably dim view of sex and marriage. Despite this trauma the embattled Queen agreed to a very late marriage with the Catholic King Philip of Spain. As the possibility of Mary producing a male heir dimmed, along with her hope of holding her younger husband, the queen embarked on a program of ferocious religious persecution that earned her the title of Bloody Mary.· A less royal (unless you count Hollywood royalty) and far less tragic example of this type is actress Drew Barrymore (born Feb. 22, 1975 adb.)

The oddest example of The Succulent Slave of Love is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (born Jan. 27, 1836 adb,) the author of Venus in Furs and the man for whom the term “masochism” was coined. Essentially, Sacher-Masoch asked women to beat and humiliate him but his fantasy went farther than that. The woman not only had to treat him like a servant, she had to betray him with just the right kind of snarling rogue. Sacher-Masoch spent much of his life trying to engineer this sexual drama first with a woman he paid and then with his wife.·His wife played the dominate role in these strange proceedings but always according to scenarios maticulously planned by Sacher-Masoch.

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