If you have Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Wild Love Child

You are the most adventurous of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers; a liberated and liberating Lover with an enthusiasm for sex that is both thrilling and infectious. There are few things you won’t try and virtually nothing about sex that makes you nervous, with the exception of commitment. You tend to be an unconventional Lover and you have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to sexual issues. Because of this, and your unwillingness to compromise your freedom, it is difficult for you to hold on to relationships. To like you is easy. To love you can be a trial.

Despite all the frenetic energy you bring to it, physical sex is not all that important to you. For you, sex is a form of exploration, or a way getting people’s attention. It may also be a diversion and a source of pleasure and excitement; but sex can never be the basis for a relationship. Relationships must be based on an intellectual and spiritual affinity, as far as you are concerned. They have to represent a blending of energy and purpose. Sex can be a part of this, or it may not. You can be happy either way.



Rocker Janis Joplin (born Jan. 19, 1943 adb) is our primary example of this type. Aggressively flirtatious from her high school days on, Joplin used sex as a way to rebel and way of filling up her amphetamine charged days and nights. She moved easily between male and female lovers, though she was more secretive about her lesbian contacts. The only time she seemed serious about a man was during her early days in San Francisco. A physical wreck herself because of incessant drug use, she fell in love with another addict. The relationship came apart when her lover was institutionalized for drug induced paranoia and she returned her home to Texas where she put aside her drug use for a while and tried, unsuccessfully, to live a “normal” life.

Another example of this type is actress and murder victim Sharon Tate (born Jan. 24, 1943 adb.) Despite her conservative background, Tate was willing to accept the flagrant infidelities of her beloved husband, Roman Polanski as simply evidence of his “European” notion of marriage.· Also in this group we have singer Stephen Stills (born Jan. 3, 1945 adb,) writer and convicted felon Neal Cassady (Feb. 8, 1926 adb,) who became famous as the free spirit depicted in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres (born Jan. 26, 1958 adb,) who put her career at risk by coming out as a lesbian on her own prime time sit com. She survived the resulting public outrage and eventually came away more popular than ever.

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