“The Love Child”

Sexual enjoyment comes naturally to the Mars in Sagittarius Love or it does come at all. These are Lovers for whom sex must be spontaneous and unfettered. It must be an unpremeditated expression of joy, freedom and exuberant physical energy. They are typically very generous Lovers, anxious to please and full of high-minded principles. They also tend to be bold and impulsive Lovers who swoop down on the objects of their desire with irresistible energy and verve. But most of all, for these eager and enthusiastic Lovers, love at first sight is not just a possibility, it is a necessity.

Love comes easily to Lovers of this type but responsibility does not. They often balk at commitment and they have a bad habit of forgetting their lofty principles and passionate promises when they start hearing words like “forever” and “always.” The fear of confinement, of having their possibilities limited or curtailed can cause these Lovers to behave in a very unloving way. Even when the Mars in Sagittarius Lover seems restful and content you suspect that somewhere in the house there’s a suitcase already packed and ready in case—perhaps at the next commercial—he or she gets the urge to bolt.


However, if you do manage to get your hands on one of these illusive Lovers, even temporarily, it can be a truly joyous experience. Mars in Sagittarius Lovers are the least controlling and demanding Lovers in the Zodiac. They are always fun, straightforward and bubbling with sexual excitement. They treat their sex partners like good friends and build relationships on the very simple basis of trust and mutual respect. Some people might find this approach lacking in emotional depth and sincerity but, for the Mars in Sagittarius Lover, this simple, spontaneous friendliness is the only reliable foundation of a life-long commitment.

Because these Lovers are so spontaneous and restless they often appear to be sexual adventurers; and they are, insofar as they love change and are always hungry for new experiences. However, their sexual adventurism generally stops short of any real defiance of authority. True, a tendency to respond to their sexual impulses without thinking does get them into some incredible jams and their flexibility and open-mindedness mean that there are few things they won’t try just once, but they are not the sort of Lovers who wish to make a battle ground out of their sex lives. Typically, they avoid confrontations and defer to customs and taboos of the society in which they live. No matter what wild and rebellious direction their fiery sexual passion may lead them, these Lovers are always ready with ample amounts of contrition and a good excuse.

There is often a skittish quality about these Lovers. They tend to be very sensitive to the situations that surround a sexual experience, alert to stimuli ranging from changes in hairstyle to changes in the weather. Almost anything gets them out of the mood. Their superheated passion can be extinguished in a heartbeat by the wrong word, the wrong gesture, or even the wrong kind of music. Given this heightened sensitivity to their surroundings and their tendency to avoid conflict in their sex lives, it is not surprising that Mars in Sagittarius Lovers are capable of going without sex for prolonged periods. If sex can not be fresh and spontaneous, if it runs the risk of becoming sordid or mechanical, then it’s hardly worth the trouble.

The keystone of the Mars in Sagittarius sexuality is innocence. There is a childlike quality to their approach to sex—a thoroughly charming combination of clumsy eagerness and wide-eyed wonder. Much of this springs from the optimism which these Lovers have in limitless supply. This allows Lover of this type to approach sex with a simplicity, directness and unquestioning trust that is rare in “mature” love affairs. Often their ideal relationship is modeled on this kind of juvenile attachment in which such “adult themes” as control, emotional manipulation, and competitiveness are not an issue. As far as the Mars in Sagittarius Lover is concerned, nothing spoils love or sex as quickly as being too much of a grownup.



We have a number of free-spirits among our examples of The Love Child, perhaps the most striking of which are the women. Janis Joplin, writer Vita Sackville-West, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and porn star turned conceptual artist Annie Sprinkle are all women who refused to be held back by the conventions of their time and, at the same time, were reluctant to acknowledge any responsibility for their actions. We also have some famous bachelors. Warren Beatty, who held the title of Hollywood’s most elusive bachelor for many years before he decided to settle down, Jack Nicholson and comedian and social critic Bill Maher. Also in this group we have perhaps the world’s most noted female “bachelor,” the enigmatic and solitary Greta Garbo.

The desire to for “innocence” and “childlike” joy in a sexual relationship sometimes leads these Lovers down a very dangerous path. The most famous example of this is Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll. Though it seems obvious to modern observers that this Oxford don’s fascination with children was sexual, he was able to convince the parents of the children that he spent time with and photographed otherwise and, apparently, none of his child friends was harmed. Oscar Wilde’s sexual attraction to young men was of an entirely different order and he was made to suffer for it. Likewise, Jerry Lee Lewis was condemned by the public because of his marriage to his underage cousin. Andre Gide made up his mind to marry his cousin when they both were still children but, because of his homosexuality, the marriage was never consummated. Later on he began touring northern Africa, accompanied for a time by Oscar Wilde, in search of young male sex partners.

Fortunately, very few Lovers of this type fall into the trap of linking of actual children with the “childlike” wonder that they Lovers so enjoy. Likewise, few Mars in Sagittarius Lovers remain free-spirits forever. Some, like country singer Merle Haggard, rockabilly star Jerry Lee Lewis or actor Mickey Rooney go though several marriages. Others, like actress Anne Heche, go through wild changes of direction in their love life. But many more, people like Christopher Reeve and Samuel Clemons, manage to establish enduring relationships that answer both their need for freedom and their desire for a deep and abiding companionship.

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