If you have  Mars in Pisces with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Charismatic Love Addict

You are a doubly sensuous Mars in Pisces Lover, capable of making sex both physically pleasurable and emotionally fulfilling. More importantly, you are also a very practical and grounded Lover. You do not let your emotions run away with you and conduct your sex live in a reasonable and generally cautious manner. Of all the Lovers of this type, you are the one most likely to make your sexual allure and emotional sensitivity work for you and not against you, revealing the true depth of your luscious sensuality only to a chosen few who, through loyalty, commitment and proven honesty, have paid the price of admission.

The problems in your sexual nature are rooted less in your emotional vulnerability than in your self-indulgence. Your sexual impulses are so immediate, so intense and so deeply entangled with your emotions that they tend to absorb you completely. Even though you are very sensitive to the emotional needs of others, it is nearly impossible for you to think of anyone but yourself when your own sexuality is engaged. You must guard against letting the power of your desires drive you to unwise and selfish extremes.



Examples of The Charismatic Love Addict include and the talented film star Spencer Tracy (born April 5, 1900 adb.)· Tracy’s wife, Louise, was widely regarded as a saint within their Hollywood milieu because of her selfless devotion to their son, who was born deaf. Tracy, on the other hand, was a noted sinner; a combative drunk who frequented houses of prostitution and was notorious for accosting unsuspecting starlets and extras. It was only the tireless devotion of his famous lover, Katharine Hepburn that kept Tracy from complete self-destruction. Though Tracy obviously loved his frequent co-star (something that was obvious to anyone who saw them together on the screen) the guilt he felt toward his long-suffering wife and handicapped son kept him from marrying Hepburn.

Other examples include the self-proclaimed Satanist Anton LaVey (born April 11, 1930 adb,) who developed a religion based on the pursuit of physical pleasure, Irish singer and leader of U2, Bono (born May 10, 1960 wik,) and the veteran rocker Eric Clapton (born Mar. 30, 1945 adb,) who made the mistake of falling in love with his best friend’s wife, Pattie Boyle Harrison. When she failed to respond to him, Clapton went into a self-destructive tailspin which left him addicted to heroin. Later, after he had· kicked heroin and married his beloved Pattie, he found the magic he had expected was not there and he buried his emotional needs in alcoholism and meaningless sex.·

Also in this group we have two famous revolutionaries: the iconoclastic poet of the Beat generation Allen Ginsberg (born June 3, 1926 adb) and communist folk hero Che Guevara (born June 3, 1926 wik.)

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