If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Awesome Love Addict

You are a formidable Lover; a Lover so serious and committed, so packed with emotional energy, so sensual and ready to please that few can resist you and no one wants to get between you and the object of your desire. You sexuality is so powerful that it complicates everything that you do and influences all of your decisions, often causing you to behave in an irrational and compulsive manner. At times, the tremendous force of your sexual nature can make you a strong, domineering individual. At other times it just leaves feeling overwhelmed, and maybe a little confused.

Fortunately, along with being one of the most emotional Mars in Pisces Lovers, you are also one of the most conservative. You need a strong, stable and enduring relationship in order to quiet your restless passions and provide you with a sense of security.  Of course, finding a partner who can deal with your powerful and unpredictable passions will not be easy. In fact, it may well be the most difficult and significant thing you ever do. More reason to give this job all the attention it deserves and to value the love that comes your way.



Examples of The Awesome Love Addict include actress and sex icon Ava Gardner (born Dec. 24, 1922 adb.)· Gardner was a poor country girl who was raised to Hollywood stardom almost overnight. She never completely lost her rough edges but this only added to her sex appeal. Gardner was known for her uninhibited attitudes and a voracious sexual appetite. Her love affairs and marriages (her husbands included Micky Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra) were passionate, stormy and well-publicized but they never lasted. Like her contemporary, Marilyn Monroe, Gardner’s volatile emotional nature made it impossible for her to sustain a relationship. Unlike Monroe, this sex siren remained strong and independent until the end.

Also in this group we have billionaire J. Paul Getty (born Dec. 15, 1892 adb.) After making his first million in his early twenties, Getty resolved to kick back and enjoy life, which for him meant having sex with a lot of women. He married three times within the next five years and five times during his lifetime. In between marriages (and often during) he traveled around the world with a small harem of women who competed with one another for his favor. They all agreed that the money was only part of his attraction and that the famously parsimonious oil mogul had genuine sex appeal.·

·Other examples are actor Denzel Washington (born Dec. 28, 1954 adb,) singer Annie Lennox (born Dec. 25, 1954 adb,) actor Ray Liotta (born Dec. 18, 1954 adb), tennis champ Chris Evert (born Dec. 21, 1954 adb), and internet influencer famous for both his right wing opinions and his outspoken mysogyny, Andrew Tate (botn Dec. 1, 1986 wik).

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