If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Sporadic Love Addict

You are one of the most restless, inconstant, exasperating and thoroughly exciting of the Mars in Pisces Lovers. Loving you is like a trip to an amusement park— a thrilling cavalcade of sweet sensuality and fiery passion that seems to have no end. And then it does end, abruptly and without a warning or even a visible cause other than the fact that you simply got bored. Your ability to go from effusive infatuation to absolute disinterest is phenomenal and not likely to make you very popular with your former partners.

And yet, behind this free-wheeling approach to love there is a deep and visceral need for stability and emotionally security. Your need for love is just as desperate as your need for freedom, it’s just that you are not always willing to make the compromises that that are necessary in order to attain this love. You need a strong partner, someone who can contain your independence without crushing it. In the hands of such a Beloved you will find that loyalty and self-control are not so boring after all.



Our celebrity examples of The Sporadic Love Addict include Danni Ashe (Jan. 16, 1968 wik,) the busty stripper who was among the first to recognize the money making potential of combining sex with the internet. In the 1990s she became “the most down-loaded woman in the world” through her soft-core porn sight and her entrepreneurial savvy.


Another remarkable woman in this category is the scintillating Tina Turner (born Nov. 26, 1939 adb.) In true Mars in Pisces fashion, Turner termed her 16 year relationship with husband Ike Turner as an “addiction.” It was an addiction that regularly beat her up, drove her unmercifully and commandeered all the money her sexy vocals and dancing were earning the duo. It was only when she found the courage and support to jettison the drug addicted Ike and start performing as a solo that Turner achieved the superstardom that she deserved.·


Also in this group we have rapper L.L. Cool J. (born Jan. 14, 1968 adb,) actor Alan Alda (born Jan. 28, 1936 adb) and  Heather Mills McCartney (born Jan. 12, 1968 wik,) noted for her short marriage to and acrimonious divorce from Paul McCartney. Another Sporadic Love Addict noted for his taste for famous partners is Rick Salomon (born Jan. 24, 1968 wik.) Salomon became notorious for the sex tape he made with Paris Hilton and his relationships with Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson.

Perhaps no example gave us a more vivid picture of the emotional Mars in Pisces in turmoil than the great figurative painter Francis Bacon (born Oct. 28, 1909 wik.) Kicked out of his home by his father when he was just a teen because of his homosexuality, Bacon became a wonderer dependent upon the sponsorship of various older men. His sexual partners tended to be men as tormented by their emotions as Bacon was and his treatment of these lovers alternated between open affection and blatant cruelty. Meanwhile Bacon’s paintings with their screaming popes, twisted nudes and hanging slabs of meat, became icons of 20th Century angst.

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