If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Faithful Love Addict

You are the Mars in Pisces Lover with the highest standards. The sexual experience has to be perfect for you—an effortless meshing of physical pleasure, emotional fulfillment and intellectual understanding. It might be presumed that these stratospheric standards would limit your choice of partners, but this isn’t true at all. It’s your ability to believe, and not the quality of your partner, that really makes the difference. Once you’ve make that initial leap of faith, your partner will become your special super-human Beloved, whether he or she wants to or not.

The flaw in this approach to love is obvious. You are prone to put your faith in a person who can not or will not live up to your standards and, given the intensity of your attachment to the object of you affection, this failure can have a devastating effect on you. And yet, you have no choice but to weather these disappointments and disasters and maintain your almost mystical optimism with regard to love. Without this seemingly ridiculous faith that there is always someone out there who can meet you high standards you become less of a Lover and much less of a person.



Our examples of The Faithful Love Addict start with a sex symbol from the 1980s, Bo Derek (born Nov. 20, 1956 adb.) As a teenager Bo came under the sway of John Derek, who had already had success directing the career of his two previous wives (Linda Evans and Ursulla Andress.) She submitted herself wholly to husband designs and soon became the physical embodiment of a perfect “10.· As her career advanced, Bo starred in movies directed by her husband. Many objected to the graphic sex scenes in these movies and wondered at the dynamics of a marriage in which a husband guided his wife into simulating intercourse with another man. The marriage of Bo and John Derek endured these questions and the failures of the movies they made until John Derek’s death in 1998.·

Two other examples (since this is also a rare combination) are actress Geraldine Page (born Nov. 22, 1924 adb) and comedian and actor Sinbad (born Nov. 10, 1956 wik.)

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