If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Autocratic Love Addict

It’s not easy to be a passionate and emotionally explosive Mars in Pisces Lover and also hold on to your dignity, but this is what you want to accomplish. You try to conceal the pulsating softness of your sexual nature behind a façade of control and bluster. You think that your display of strength and jolly self-confidence will hide your vulnerability and your susceptibility to virtually any sexual diversion. Of course, no one is really buying this cover up. They see the luscious edges of your erotic hunger peaking through your disguise. That’s why they’re all so anxious to be around you.

The biggest problem in your sex life is how to deal with change. You love it and you hate it. You love following the lead of you feelings and surrendering yourself to the moment. Too much consistency, even loving consistency, is apt to leave you bored and dissatisfied. But you also see change as a threat to your sense of control and to the emotional security that you value so highly. Because of this duality in your thinking, your reaction to changes in your sex life is likely to be abrupt, contradictory, and (horror of horrors) a little undignified.



Since this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we only have a few examples. One is the singer Debby Boone (born Sept. 22, 1956 adb.) The daughter of pop singer Pat Boone, Debbie Boone was brought up is a very religious home. At twenty she recorded the song, You Light up My Life, and almost instantly became a top recording artist. Boone was unsure of her new stardom and wary of the temptations it afforded her to cheat on her fiancée, Gabi Ferrer. She finally decided to abandon her sky-rocketing career and marry Ferrer.


Another example of The Autocratic Lover Addict is actress Linda Hamilton (born Sept. 26, 1956 adb,) known for her role as the beauty in Beauty and The Beast and for the muscular physique she displayed in the second Terminator movie, Hamilton later revealed that she had been diagnosed as bipolar or manic/depressive. Hamilton admits the erratic and, at times, violent behavior brought on by this condition led to the demise of her three marriages.

Other examples of include illusionist David Copperfield (born Sept. 16, 1956 adb.)

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