If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Erratic Love Addict

 You are one of the great Lovers of all-time; warm, affectionate, supremely sensual and devastatingly sexy. So what's the problem? Why do people whisper behind your back and threaten to put crime scene tape across your bedroom door. The problem is that your erotic nature is so laden with emotional issues and deep, uncontrollable compulsions that neither you nor your Beloved have anyway of knowing where it might take you. You are, at your best and at your worst, a romantic thrill ride, dangerous but oh so seductive.

You are a person who deeply craves commitment and stability in relationships. However, you are also a person who has a great deal of difficulty finding and sustaining such arrangements. The incessant ebb and flow of your emotional life makes it difficult for you to focus on any one person or any one relationship. You are so full of love and the world is so full of distractions and need that there often doesn’t seem to enough of you to go around.



Our examples of The Erratic Love Addict begin with the original Hollywood “bad boy,” Errol Flynn (born June 20, 1909 adb.) This Australian-born actor arrived in Hollywood with little to recommend him aside from his rakish grin and athletic physique. He achieved great success as an action hero but he was just as famous for his sexual prowess and his no-holds-barred lifestyle. He had three failed marriages, was twice charged with statutory rape and his last girlfriend was in her teens. He died at age 50, his body worn-out by his excesses but, by all accounts, with his grin still in place.

Female examples of this type include the Russian born actress Alla Nazimova (born June 4, 1879 NS adb,) a Broadway star who conquered Hollywood during the silent screen era. Her palatial home on Sunset Blvd., know as the “Garden of Alla,” became the focal point of both glamour and scandal during its day. There the lovely Nazimova held sway over an array of male and female lovers and, for a time, was one of the most powerful women in the film industry··

A less fortunate example is murder victim Bonnie Bakley (born June 7, 1956 wik.) A known con artist with an obsession with celebrity, Bakley developed an intimate relationship with actor Robert Blake and then convinced him that she was pregnant with his child so that he would marry her. The marriage ended suddenly when Bakley mysteriously turned up dead.

Other examples of this type include author Hermann Hesse (born July 2, 1877 adb) and African-American novelist, essayist and poet James Baldwin (born Aug. 2, 1924 wik.) In his teens, Baldwin was known in the ghetto where he grew up as a “boy preacher” but his homosexuality soon led to a break with religion. He eventually moved to France where his lifestyle was more accepted and where he wrote him most famous works. Baldwin spent his last years in a house filled with friends, admirers and past lovers, drawn together by the power of his personality.

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